GZIFL: League Rules

                                            Guangzhou International Football League Constitution

  • General organisation of the League

 The League will be known as the " Guangzhou International Football League " and will be identified in this document as "the League"

  • Statement of Principles

The League supports the aims and objectives of fair play and friendship through sport.

  • Administration: the League Management Committee

1. The League Management Committee (“LMC”) will administer the League in accordance with the Rules, Regulations and Practices of FIFA

2. Administrative functions and responsibilities will be divided between members of the League Management Committee and notified to the team representatives and will appear on the League’s website www.eteamz.com/gzifl or through e-mail and at the annual pre-seasn meeting.

3. The League Management Committee may appoint other persons to positions of responsibility in their absolute discretion. Such responsibilities and roles may be, but not limited to, matters of administration, discipline and other organisational functions. These appointments will be notified to team representatives and will appear on the league’s website www.eteamz.com/gzifl or through e-mail and at the annual pre-seasn meeting.

  • Membership and Organisation of Teams

1. The League will comprise of member teams. Each team will nominate two representatives who will act as a contact between the team and the Guangzhou International Football League in all League business during the season and will represent the team at all General Meetings unless another member from his/her team attends in his/her place.

2. If a Team Representative changes, the new one must inform the League Management Committee immediately.

3. A contact list for all Team Representatives will appear on the League’s website www.eteamz.com/gzifl Any amendments must be emailed to the League Management Committee immediately

  • General rules of membership

1. League subscriptionsThe League subscriptions will be set by the LMC and are payable to the Finance Officer/s appointed by the LMC. Subscriptions will be used for general League expenditure. Costs include, but are not limited to, pitch rental, referee's fees, cost of trophies, provision of bibs, website maintenance, publication of handbook etc.

2. DepositsRegardless the amount of the league fee, every team entering into the league will have to pay a 1000rmb as deposit for possible forfeits of fixtures and fines for red and yellow card penalties. Remaining deposit after the end of the season will be paid back to the teams on request or carried over to the next GZIFL season.

3. Team coloursEach team must wear a kit of matching colours and have each shirt numbered. The Organizing Committee must be told before the start of the league which colour each team intends to play in. Team Representatives must inform the League Management Committee of any changes to their Team Colours.

5. Player RegistrationsEach team may register up to twenty two players with the GIFL. Each player must be allocated a squad number and be registered on the Friday before match day to be eligible to play in a match. If a player withdraws from a team’s squad list, another player may take his place. No two players from one team may share the same squad number during any given competition. 

6. Each player must be individually registered with the LMC. They must provide their full name, photograph and contact details. The League will issus a GZIFL membership card to each registered player which they should bring along to each game to prove their identity.The LMC will charge each player a 100rmb registration fee for this service.

6. Withdrawal of teams from the League. Any team wishing to withdraw from the League must inform the LMC as soon as possible to allow a replacement to be found. If a team withdraws from the League during the season, League subscriptions and charges will not be refunded in the event of a team withdrawaling from the league.

  • Competition Rules; Match Report Forms

1. All fixtures will be made by the League Management Committee with the agreement of the two teams involved in the fixture.

2. All matches will kick-off at the time stated on the fixture list as notified by e-mail to Team Representatives and on the League website www.eteamz.com/gzifl

3. Matches will be split into two halves of equal duration. Each game will be 80 minutes (two halves of 40 minutes) with 5 minutes half-time.

4. Matches will be played between two Teams of eight players each (7 players and a goalkeeper). Each Team will be allowed to make an unlimited number of substitutions in each match.

5. If one Team has less than six players present fifteen minutes after scheduled start time, that Team will forfeit the match and will be liable to pay the full pitch rental and referee’s fee.

6. This is subject to any contrary agreement between the Team Captains prior to kick-off. Such an agreement is binding on both Teams and cannot be changed after kick-off.

7. Each Team should provide at least one match ball of good quality.

8. The two Teams will wear shirts of distinguishable colours. If there is a clash of colours, bibs will be worn by the away team as the fixture appears in the Fixture list and on the GIFL website www.eteamz.com/gzifl

9. After each game the captains of both teams and referee must agree scores, goal scorers, yellow cards, red cards. In the event of any dispute the referee’s decision will be final.

10. Only Players on a team’s Squad List as notified to the League Management Committee are eligible to take part in a fixture. See section on General rules of membership / Player Registrations above. Teams that field an ineligible player will be deemed to have forfeited the match. (See section on Notification of Results, Points Awarded, Forfeits below)


  • Playing Seasons, Fixtures and Cancellations

1. The League Management Committee will circulate a Fixture List to all Teams. The fixtures will be published on the League’s website www.eteamz.com/gzifl

2. Team Representatives who are aware that certain dates will be unsuitable for their teams must notify the League Management Committee by email prior to the Fixture List being compiled. After circulation of the Fixture List, alterations can only be made in exceptional circumstances.

3. As pitches have been pre-booked, postponements can only be with the agreement of League Management Committee. The League Management Committee must be notified at least two weeks before the scheduled fixture.

4. If a match is cancelled within 2 weeks of the kick off time then the cancelling team must also pay the opposition’s match fees.

  • Laws of the Game; Referees; Referee's Reports

1. All matches will be played in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game (http://www.fifa.com/mm/document/affederation/federation/81/42/36/lawsofthegameen.pdf) except that:a. At the kick-off the ball may be played backwards.b. There will be no Offside Rule.c. The nearest permissible distance at free kicks will be 7 metres.d. There will be no ‘rolling’ substitutions. Players should enter and leave the field only when the ball is ‘out-of-play’. Players should enter and leave the field at the half-way line. Players leaving the pitch, unless injured and with the permission of the referee, at any other place will be awarded a yellow card.* Note: 

2. The League Management Committee will appoint referees for all matches.

3. If a referee does not arrive for a match, a substitute referee may be appointed by agreement between the Team Captains

4. In the event that a referee is not available to officiate, the match will abide by the league rules, and any result will stand. Matches will not be classed as Friendlies.

5. Any complaints or queries from teams after a game should be made in writing by email no later than 48 hours after the game has finished.

6. Referees can use a straight Red card and also impose a 1 to 3 match ban for persistent or violent conduct. They then email a report of the offence to the League Management Committee which will then inform the player’s Team Representatives. If the banned player turns up and plays during his ban the team will be expelled from the league forthwith.

7. Referees must email a report of any serious offences or injuries to the League Management Committee.

8. Any player fighting or who engages the referees in a violent manner will be banned for the remainder of the season at the discretion of the League Management Committee.

  • Notification of Results, Points Awarded, Forfeits

1. Team Captains must confirm match results with the opposing team captain and referee after a match and sign both teams’ match reports. (See section on Competition Rules above)

2. Teams must inform the LMC of the match result, goal-scorers, yellow cards, red cards and man of the match within 24 hours of their match ending. The information can be sent by telephone, SMS, e-mail or fax.

3. In the event of any dispute captains must send the Match Report Forms to the LMC within 24 hours of the end of the game. 

4. Points will be awarded for each match as follows:Win 3 points; Draw 1 point; Defeat 0 points

5. Forfeited fixtures will be recorded as a result of 0 - 3

6. A Team will be deemed to have forfeited a match if any of the following circumstances hold:a) Team does not arrive for a match that has not been previously postponed ( See postponements above).b) Team has insufficient players to complete the match (See section on number of players above).c) The match is abandoned by the referee as a result of improper conduct by one Team or by a player or players of one Team.d) A team plays an unregistered player.

7. All forfeits may result in Sanctions being imposed on the offending team (see section on Sanctions and Punishments below). In addition the offending team may be held liable for the full pitch rental and referee's fee.

  • Championship and League PlacingsAt the end of each Season:

1. The team with most points will be champions

2. The total number of points won by each team during the current Season will determine League placing

3. If two or more teams have the same number of points, positions will be determined using the following order of priority:a. goal difference;b. goals scored;c. matches won;d. aggregate result of that Season's matches between the two teams

  • Trophies and Presentations

1. Trophies will be awarded to the champion, runners up and third place teams after the last match at the end of each Season. Trophies will also be awarded to individual players, under the following categories:

a. Individual players of the champions will receive Championship medals. b. A Player of the Season award will be presented at the end of each season. c. Top Goal scorer award.

2. Trophies awarded to teams and individuals become the property of that person or team and do not need to be returned. (See exception for Perpetual Trophies)

3. Perpetual Trophies presented to a team remain the property of the League and must be returned to the League in time for presentation to the new Champions. Any damage or loss of the trophy whilst in possession of the team will be made good at that team’s expense

  • Management of the League

1. One League General Meeting will be held each calendar year prior to September.

2. All teams may submit items for inclusion in the Agenda of any League General Meeting. Such items should be communicated to the League Management Committee, preferably in writing/email, at least one week before the Meeting.

3. Each team must send at least one representative to all League General Meetings.

 4. Notification of LGM will be done by email to each team’s representatives and via the League website www.eteamz.com/gzifl

5. Votes will be conducted by show of hands.

6. Each team will have only one vote on any issue.

7. No team may vote on any sanction or punishment directly pertaining to that team.

8. The League Management Committee will have power of jurisdiction over any matters affecting the League but not covered in this Constitution.


  • Sanctions

1. Where the conduct of any team, or of a player or players of any team, is deemed to have contravened the spirit of the League as determined by the Guangzhou International Football League, sanctions may be applied against that team.

2. Sanctions will take the form of deduction of points from a team, suspension of a player, fines for yellow and red cards or expulsion of a team or player from the League.

3. Failure to show at match Deduction of 3 points & full payment of match fees by forfeiting team

4. Abandonment of match due to serious misconduct A - Forfeit match, B – Deduction of between 1 and 3 points, C - Possible expulsion from the League

5. Sanctions for Red and Yellow Cards are as follows:a) Red Card 50rmb fine and one match ban.b) Yellow Card 25rmb fine.c) A player accumulating five Yellow Cards will receive a one match ban.

6. Persistent serious foul play by player/players Deduction of up to 6 points, expulsion of player or team from the League

7. Persistent, violent conduct straight Red Card. After receiving the Referee’s report, the LMC will meet and invite both team’s representatives to discuss the offence. The League may impose a 3 match ban. If the banned player turns up and plays during his ban the team will be expelled from the league forthwith. The League Management Committee may deem misconduct to have been of such a serious nature that it may call an Extraordinary General Meeting

8. In the case of possible expulsion, an Extraordinary General Meeting will be called to determine the fate of the offending team or player. At such a Meeting, a majority vote will be required to expel the team or individual whose conduct has been deemed unacceptable.

  • Protests and Appeals

Any dispute arising between teams will be referred to the League Management Committee, whose decision on the dispute will be binding.

  • Membership Agreement

All teams will be deemed to have assented to abide by the rules embodied in this Constitution and to have agreed to abide by all decisions of the Guangzhou International Football League.