Geneva Y Swim Team: Welcome

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   May Mania Meet 
May 18-20 At The Rec Plex
 Friday Warm Ups
Meet Starts

 Saturday Warm Ups

 8 and Unders / Seniors    7 AM
  Meet Starts
 9 & 10 / 11 &12
   12:30 PM
  Meet Starts
 Sunday Warm Ups
 8 and Unders / Seniors   7 AM
  Meet Starts
  8 AM
 9 & 10 / 11 & 12
   12:30 PM
  Meet Starts
  1:30 PM


2010 WI Sectionals Meet 4X100  Free Relay

Here is a great race.  Badger High School is in lane 5, Burlington High School is in Lane 4.

The week before, Burlington High beat Badger by 7 Seconds.

Evelyn Edge, Carly O'Brien, Maddie Clark and Anna Brooks are swimming for Badger High


Meet sign-up sheets 

Meet sign-up sheets are circulating-please keep track of the deadlines.  We seldom have any leeway when you miss a deadline.

Approximately one week before a meet we post the entries on the Team BB in the pool area.  Please check and insure that you are listed and that your events are correct.  This posting will also list any relays your swimmer will be in.  The white board in the pool room will indicate the upcoming meet with warm up times and also designate what age groups are swimming am/pm.  Please check the white board to confirm times and locations, etc.  We often do not get w/u times until the Wed. or Thur prior to the meet.  I also hope to post this info here on the web site.



We still have some equipment for sale.  Level 3&4 swimmers should have a snorkel.  We sell them for $32—a good price, and we make a couple dollars for the team as well (cash only). 

Younger swimmers are encouraged to buy snorkels, but do not have to buy one at this time.  We also have some lime green mesh equipment bags for sale-$15.

Get ‘em while they last! 

I would like to settle on a team suit.  I think we will select a modestly priced racing suit that will stay in production over the long haul.  I would also like to explore team warm-ups as well.  We have lime green latex caps ($4) for sale and silicone caps as well ($10). 

New swimmers will receive a latex cap at their first swim meet.I plan to have a team meeting soon, but hope to have the suit selected before we meet.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions.  Please remember to stay current with your entry sheets.


USS and YMCA swimming rules very explicitly state that parents are NOT allowed on deck.  This is a hard and fast rule.  When you violate this rule, Judy and I hear about it from the meet management team.  Please stop putting us in this awkward situation.  Again, we feel that a big part of learning is accomplished by giving the kids some room to learn and interact with the rest of the team.  There are no exceptions to this rule, so please make whatever arrangements are necessary so that we can all follow this rule.