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Firecrackers 2000 10 & Under Adding Pitchers & Catchers
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Posted: 9/15/2010 1:11pm
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  Firecrackers 2000 10 & Under Adding Pitchers & Catchers  
FIRECRACKERS 2000 10 & Under

We will be adding Pitchers to the Defense. We are looking for Strong, Coachable, Athletic Leaders who can handle the Responsibility and the Role pitchers have on the field and for thier team.

We will also be adding Catchers to our Defense. Who, with a Dominant Presence on the field, can command Leadership and can work with and Lead the Defense.

For Further information Email or Call Coach Anthony & Louie,

Coach Anthony
Direct: 562.325.2216

Coach Louie
Direct: 562.228.6066

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