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Wolfpack needs to be disqualified. REPLY!!!!
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  Nickname: C&C Riley
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Posted: 4/26/2010 3:51pm
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  Angry  Wolfpack needs to be disqualified. REPLY!!!!  
On Saturday April/24/2010 the Wolfpack un mercifully destroyed the Northern Extreme in a fearsome Football game. The first thing that comes to your mind is " Ah who cares" , but you won't be thinking that after you read this. 1st they started out by playing sportsmanlike , but then all heck broke and they started to kill everyone in sight. One play they intercepted it and the center for Extreme ran to tackle him, but he didn't see the Wolf that came and knocked him out onto the sideline and then laughed at him. When the player intercepted the ball he caught it out of bounds. The refs didn't call that cheap shot. So I ask you all except Wolfpack, what do you think? I think that they need to be disqualified because they sent another Extreme player to the hospital and he has to wear a brace on his neck now for 2 weeks because he got nailed from the front and the back in the ribs. This severally hurt him. PLEASE REPLY WHAT YOU THINK; EXCEPT WOLFPACK!

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