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Need support/suggestions!!
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  Nickname: ATRemo11
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Posted: 1/10/2009 8:37am
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  Need support/suggestions!!  
We live in Sylacauga, a pretty small town, sadly shrinking everyday with the current economy. Anyway, last year, a parent was not happy with the fact that he was told no, so he went to pushed to start a new league here. We still have Little League, have for 55 years, this will be our 56th. So in an effort to keep the younger kids involved, I started a group on Facebook: District 4 Little League. Any suggestions? This is my second year involved with the program, my son is six and loves little league, I played me it is all about tradition! Not just starting a new league because you are told NO..what does that teach our children? Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

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  Nickname: mcclure2
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Posted: 4/13/2009 8:52pm
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  Re: Need support/suggestions!!  
I actually help start a spinoff small town league last year.

Now the big town has reverted back to the program our smaller town started and the smaller town now has their own organization. Both leagues grew this year. Hell, even scrimmage each other.

Advice..let it play out, the two leagues should and can compliment each other to provide a better youth baseball experience for everyone involved.

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