Goodyear Little League: Registration Information

Friday, January 24

Check Back Soon for Registration Information


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Registration forms will be available shortly.   Please remember you must provide the following -

·          Childs Birth Certificate (or copy)

·          Most current Tetanus Toxoid Booster shot records (dtap)

·          3 proofs of residency are required "Per Little League International rules, two utility bills constitute one proof of residency."   Please see list of acceptable documents below.

·          Incomplete registration form will not be accepted.

If you are registering more than one sibling/participant in the same league, you will receive $5.00 off for each additional participant in the league. EXAMPLE: 1st sibling $95.00, 2nd sibling $90.00.


List of approved documents "Proof of residency"

1. Driver’s License

2. Voter’s Registration

3. School Records

4. Welfare / Child Care Records

5. Federal Records

6. State Records

7. Local (Municipal) Records

8. Support Payment Records

9. Homeowner or Tenant Records

10. Utility Bills (i.e.)



Water / Sewer


Mobile Phone


Waste Disposal

11. Financial Records (i.e.)




12. Insurance Documents

13. Medical Records

14. Military Records

15. Internet, Cable or Satellite Records

16. Vehicle Records

17. Employment Records

NOTE: Example – Three (3) utility bills (three items from #10 above) constitute only one (1) document