Goodyear Little League: GYLL Q & A

Wednesday, November 27
 Q.   How or where can I find information about player registration? A.   Goodyear Little League (GYLL) utilizes several methods of providing communication to the parents and community regarding player registration.  Our main source is via email notifications, first when registration is open, then periodically during registration period.   We will also provide information via our website ( or or facebook, so please come back to visit as we update periodically.  Q.  When is player registration? A.  Early-Bird registration begins December 2, 2013 through December 27, 2013  ($10.00 discount plus entered into early registration raffle) Open Registration January 6, 2014 through January 31, 2014.  All registrations after January 31, 2014 will be assessed a $20.00 late fee.  Q.  How do I register my child? A.  If you have previously participated in GYLL before and NONE ofyour information has changed, you can now register online via   Please be ad vised there is a 5% fee applied.   If you are new to GYLL or previous informaiton has changed (mainly residency) you can register Monday-Friday 8:30 am 5:00 pm at the City of Goodyear Recreation Office, located at 3075 N. Litchfield Rd. Q.  Do you offer on-line registration? A.  Yes, we do ONLY if you have previously participated in GYLL.  . Q.  What is required to register my child?  A.  You must provide the following - copy of Player’s Birth Certificate, Tetanus Toxoid Booster shot records, 3 (three) proofs of residency consisting of Parents State ID, Utility Bill, most recent Bank Statement showing name and address, Vehicle Registration or any Court documents with current address plus the appropriate division registration fee.   Per Little League regulations, 2 (two) utility bills only constitutes as 1 (one) proof.  Q.  What are the registration fees?  And what if I have more than one player?  A.  Registration fees are determined by their division of play.   Please refer to the registration form for appropriate fees.  A $5.00 discount will be applied to multiple sibling registrations regardless of divisional play.    Q.  What form of payment is accepted for registration fee? A.  You can pay by check, money order, cash (exact, please) or credit card.  Please make check payable to City of Goodyear.   Q.  My player is registered, what’s next? A.  There will be a mandatory parent’s meeting late February.  You will receive an email with the exact date or please feel free to visit the website.  At the parent’s meeting, you will receive more information about the season, which team your child has been placed on, and meet their manager/coach.  At this point, your manager/coach will inform you of the practice location, days & time and share other league related information.   Q.  Who is eligible to play little league baseball? A.  All children (boys & girls) between ages of 4-14 based on league age and with the addition of Challenger Division those ages 4-18 with mental or physical challenges can also participate. Q.  What is the date used to determine league age? A.  League age is determined by the age of the player will attain by April 30th of the current season. Q.  Can I request a specific coach or to have my paler placed on a team with another player? A.   Yes, but only for T-Ball,  Farm and Cactus divisional players can make such requests.  Although we make every effort to honor such requests, they are not guaranteed.   Q.  If my player is 6 years old and played in T-ball division last year; does he/she have to play in T-ball again? A.  Not necessarily.  The player must have participated in one regular season of T-ball before they can play in the Farm division for safety reasons.  Q. My child has never played before, what skill level is required and how do I determine what division to register for? A.  No baseball experience is required, as Little League is an instructional program.  For T-Ball & Farm Divisions, players will be placed on a team geographically based on their residence.   All other divisions will be done based on tryouts & Manager’s draft process.  Q.  Does my player need to show up to all scheduled tryout dates? A.  No.  We will hold Tryouts on a designated Saturday with a scheduled make-up date for those unable to attend.  Your player must attend at least 50%, therefore player must attend 1 (one).  Q.  Where and when are games? A.  Goodyear Little League uses the following fields/parks for regular season games; Goodyear Community Park, Foothills Community Park, Falcon Field and each team will have an opportunity to play at the Goodyear Ballpark.    Field play and game days are based on player’s division.   Q.  When does the season begin and how long does it last? A.  Teams are finalized by the end of February with practices beginning the first week of March.  Opening Day will be March 29, 2014. All regular season games will be completed prior to Memorial Day weekend. Tournaments (Red & Blue Game, TOC, & All-Stars) are played during the months of June & July. Q.  What experience is required to be a coach? A.  This depends on level of play.  At the lower levels (T-ball & Farm) no coaching experience is required.   If you are familiar with the basics of the game and have even minimal playing experience, we welcome you to consider the opportunity to be a coach.   More knowledge and experience is expected at the higher divisions.   Q. What if I or my spouse wants to be a coach?   A.  Little League International requires ALL volunteers to fill out a volunteer form (you can find on the GYLL website).   As mandated by LL Int’l, we must perform background checks on any individual who will have interaction with the players.  Q.  What if I am not able to find the answer to my question here, where can I get more information? A.  We try and put as much information on our website to answer those most commonly asked questions.   If you need further assistance, please send an email to and someone will respond promptly.   Q.   How can I get more information about Goodyear Little League or make suggestions? A.   We welcome everyone’s ideas & suggestions as this is YOUR league.  You may contact any one of our current board members as we have posted their contact information on the GYLL website or Facebook.   Please feel free to attend one of our meetings (dates, times and locations are noted on the website under calendar) to share your ideas, express your concerns, or simply experience what it takes for a successful season!!!!