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After The Whistle

After The Whistle is a website that is striving for a healthy attitude towards the game we love, by all participants and fans at the minor hockey level in Canada.

The editors are certified level 4 officials, and if you visit the site you can learn the rules, get tips for young or new officials of the game, read some great hockey stories and offer your own comments. Definately something for everyone, whether you are a player, coach, administrator, parent, fan, official, or any combination of these.

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Hockey Canada Officiating Program
Visit this page on the Hockey Canada Website to find all you need to know about officiating in hockey.
Rules Emphasis
Shared Respect
and lots more.....

That Ref is Somebody's Kid

Or somebody's dad. A person who cares about hockey and the players. A person doing a tough job as best they can.

The referee is only human and mistakes will happen. Verbal abuse of the official is simply not acceptable. It spoils everyone's enjoyment of the game and sets a terrible example for the players - our kids.

Remember why we're here. It's for all the positive things team sports can teach our children. And just as important, it's for the fun of it.

If you have criticisms or concerns, please voice them through the proper channels.


Hockey Canada Rules On-Line
The playing rules within a particular league may differ and in some cases be more restrictive than the National Rules.

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