Coed Ultimate: Welcome

Welcome to the 2014-2015 GVISAA Ultimate competitions

2013-2014 Champions
1st - Stratford Hall
2nd - BC Christian Academy
3rd - St. John's

1st - Stratford Hall
2nd - BC Christian Academy
3rd - West Coast Christian School

2012-2013 Champions.
1st - Stratford
2nd - BCCA
3rd - St. John`s
4th - Regent

1st - Stratford Hall A
2nd - Regent
3rd - St. John`s
4th - Carver

Ultimate Tournament Lay-Out

«      Your team must field 7 players (4 of one gender and 3 of the other). I would recommend your roster be no less than 10 and no more than 14.

«      Games will be 45 minutes long with the remaining 15 minutes to finish a point that may still be in progress at that time and perform your Ultimate cheers.

«      There will be a trophy for the Tournament Champs, Division II (Bronze Medal) Champs, and Division III Champs.

Remember the Fun Stuff….

«      Come with a fun theme. In the past, we’ve had teams dressed in army fatigues, Hawaiian shirts, superhero costumes, farmers….. Let the kids know they can be silly and really enjoy the day. Ultimate has a high level of competition mixed with fun!

«      Let your team know about the cheers – maybe prepare a few ahead of time (change the lyrics to Row Your Boat or Muffin Man…).

«      Spirit Prizes: assign a few players to pick up some silly prizes – you’ll need 2 for each game.

«      Musical Instruments are encouraged!


«      Please choose a male and female from your team to be captains. They should have strong leadership abilities, understand the basics of the game, possess massive amounts of Spirit, and be able to sort out discrepancies on the field.

«      There will be a Captains/Coaches Meeting at 8:45AM so that I can go over some of the tournament rules before the games begin.

«      Coaches are encouraged to let the players “call their own game” – but can offer clarification of the rules if this helps our kids better understand the game.

Spirit of the Game

«      Always an interesting concept to those who have never been to an Ultimate Tournament – yet the most important.

«      Cheers are done after every game. These can be a short song or chant…some teams play a fun little game…you might want to prepare a couple of cheers ahead of time in case your players have never done one before.

«      Spirit Prizes (best female and male) are given by your team to the other team after every game. Consider a chocolate bar, can of pop, banana, or funny item from the dollar store…

«      Teams will complete a Spirit Points Sheet after each game so we can award “The Most Spirited Team”.

Our Tournament Philosophy

The most important part of Ultimate is “The Spirit of the Game”. This is used to describe the respect that every player in the game has for the rules and their fellow players. NO referees exist, as players officiate themselves. Implicit in Ultimate is the assumption that no one will cheat to gain an unfair advantage. This principle is what makes Ultimate special to so many people, and all Ultimate players keep the Spirit alive by maintaining this high level of trust, no matter how competitive the game becomes.