Boys' Soccer: Welcome

Welcome to the 2014-2015 Soccer Season!

Good luck to all the teams participating this year.  The Championships will be held at Coquitlam Town Centre Park on Wednesday October 29th.




2013-2014 Season Results 

Senior Boys
1st - Meadowridge (won the game after the 22nd shooter after overtime)
2nd - St. John's
3rd - King David
4th - Regent

Tournament MVP - Joshua Lampen (Meadowridge)
Team MVP's
Connor Gunnell (Meadowridge)
Patrick Houdamen (St. John's)
Elias Kirson (King David)
Joshua Joel (Regent)

Most Sportsmanlike Team - Regent

Junior Boys

1st - Meadowridge

2nd - Khalsa School (Newton Campus)

3rd - Southpointe Academy

4th - Regent

Tournament MVP - Kelvin Gill (Southpointe)

Team MVP's

Owen Ko (Meadowridge)

Harman Gill (Khalsa)

Tanner Carnegie (Southpointe)

Nick Dellalow (Regent)

Most Sportsmanlike Team - Regent