Coed Badminton: Welcome

Co-ed Badminton

Welcome to the 2014-2015 Badminton Season.


Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Champions

1st - St. John's

2nd - BC Christian Academy

3rd - Southpointe Academy

4th - Ecole Jules Verne

Most Sportsmanlike Team - Ecole Jules Verne 



Congratulations to the 2013-2014 champions

1st - St. John's School

2nd  - Carver Christian High School

3rd - Meadowridge School

4th - Southpointe Academy

Allstar Team

Boys Singles - Ben (SJS)

Girls Singles - Katherine (MEA)

Boys Doubles - Billy & David (SJS)  

Girls Doubles - Helen & Jessica (SJS)

Mixed Doubles - Josh & Johanna (SJS) 


Congratulations to our 2012-2013 champions.

1st - St. John`s School

2nd - Meadowridge

3rd - Carver

4th - Deer Lake School 

Junior Badminton

1st - St. John`s School

2nd - Meadowridge

2nd - Stratford

4th - Deer Lake


Format of play:
Each team is required to have 8 players. 4 girls and 4 boys.
The teams will consist of 1 boys singles, 1 girls singles, 1 boys doubles, 1 girls doubles, 1 mixed doubles. Each school will play all 5 matches against another school. The school that wins 3 or more of the matches will be the winning school.  Players cannot play in more then one category against a single school.  They may switch categories against a different school.  The school can also choose to use different players against different schools. If a school is unable to field a player in a category they automatically forfeit that game, but they can still win the best of 5 competition.

Each game (eg boys singles) will be a best of 3 sets competition. It will be rally point. First player to 15 wins the set. You must win by 2, but a max cap of 25 will be applied. In the championship tournament it will be to 21 with a cap of 30.

Teams are required to give their full line-up for all 5 of their matches at the outset of the competition. A team cannot change the names of any participants unless they have a substitute listed on their sheet and the game for the subsituted player has not begun yet.

Junior Badminton
The Junior players will continue to have a singles tournament. It will take place on Tuesday, May 28th at Deer Lake School. Each school can send 1 grade 8, 1 grade 9 and 1 grade 10 boy and girl for a total of 6 competitors.

Good luck to all players this year.