GTMBHL: Welcome

Sunday, March 30
Gloucester Twp. Men's Ball Hockey League - Over 30 (Master's Division)

Welcome to the GLOUCESTER TWP. MEN'S BALL HOCKEY LEAGUE - OVER 30 (Master's Division).

All games will be played at the Gloucester Twp. Street & Dek Hockey Center @ Lakeland.  - Located on Woodbury-Turnersville Rd. in Blackwood, NJ

This is an age restricted league. all players must be at least 30 years old by the end of the season.

** Registration form is now available under Handouts  and please read the ASSUMPTION RISK AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT                                                   

                            for info. call 856-534-7851    

                             Director of players Rich Barrett 865-308 -5103


games will be made up in May has a Saturday night event, 5, 6:15 and 7:30

   If you look at the schedule you'll see it says very clearly that the first team listed is the home team, please occupy the proper bench before your game starts.

We do not have a fighting penalty, we have punch or punches thrown, because we know it does not take two people to fight but only one person to throw a punch.

The results of such a call in the spring, due to the fact we have 10 weeks is automatic two-game suspension. There is no second offense you are history. In the fall it would carry automatic three games with no second offense.