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Monday, January 23

Welcome to the Gridiron Football Camp Parents page. Our goal is to answer questions and provide information and FAQ's.

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Selecting the Right Youth Football Camp

Gridiron Football Camp is an incredible opportunity for any football athlete with the desire and commitment to improve their skills. At Gridiron Football Camp, players will improve their love for football under the guidance of outstanding coaches and athletes. They will also gain self-confidence, learn teamwork skills, build character, and mature, both socially and emotionally.

Gridiron Football Camp is a full contact camp designed specifically to improve technique. While at camp our athletes will have the opportunity to train each day so that they develop new skills and achieve a new level of play and self-confidence. Our camp covers all aspects of offense, defense and well rounded football education.

Gridiron Football Camp has a low player to instrutor ratio. A low player to instructor ratio insures that everyone in the camps receives specialized instruction tailored to their skill level and position.

We have excellent coaches throughout the state of Washington and Oregon. Our camp is run solely by volunteers. This is the reason we can offer camp for only $395. Most week long camps elsewhere will run $500-$900.