Green Hornets Boys' Lacrosse: England Tour

Anne Arundel County Youth Lacrosse England Tour

2012 England Lacrosse Tour -

I am excited to be able to oversee the 2012 England Lacrosse Tour. I have been participating in this program for many years and look forward to making this 2012 Tour an exciting and enriching experience for all involved.

This is a two (2) year commitment. This is an opportunity for your child to participate in a life-time experience that will allow them to see another country, learn about other cultures, make lifetime friendships and improve their lacrosse skills. Two teams will be coming from England in 2012 – U-13 and U-15. In 2013, two teams from AA County will go to England. If chosen, you will host a member of this team in your residence for a two week period and then you will have the opportunity to go next year. The cut off dates to apply for each group are attached.

This lacrosse exchange between Anne Arundel County and Stockport has been taking place for over 34 years. On odd numbered years, the Anne Arundel team travels to England and on even numbered years, the Stockport team comes to the United States. The visiting team plays various club teams throughout the region. During the 2009 tour to England, we played teams from Stockport, Mellor, Cheadle, Poynton and Norbury. In 2010, during the tour to the USA, the Stockport team played AYLA, Severna Park, Kent Island, G.O.R.C. and Davidsonville. The final game played in both countries is the Friendship Game. In this game, all host players compete against the touring team for the Friendship Cup. The U-13 teams play for the Friendship Cup in England and the U-15 teams play for the cup in the USA.

When the boys are not playing lacrosse, they spend their time with their host families. There is a 2-3 day break for the host family to plan trips or events for the boys. During the last tour to England, many of the boys went to Whales. Many host families in the USA take the boys staying with them to the beach or the mountains during their free time.

There are also planned trips with just the team. When we were in England in 2009, we visited the Warrick Castle, Stratford – Birth place of William Shakespeare as well as Poole Cavern and Manchester United.

I prefer email as a means of communications and am available at for any questions or concerns regarding the 2012 or 2013 tour. You may also call me at 301-353-0965if you desire.

Again, I am looking forward to coordinating this 2012 visit and assisting your child in this
Colin Campbell

Handout: England Tour