Green Hornets Boys' Lacrosse: Parents

Resolution Center

Resolution Center 

The Green Hornets recognize that problems, differences of opinion, complaints and grievances may arise in the operation of its athletic programs from time to time. These policies and procedures, specific to the Green Hornet boys' lacrosse program, are designed to be consistent with the GSPAA policies and procedures. It is the intent that these policies and procedures will provide greater clarity and direction for matters that may arise within the Green Hornet boys' lacrosse program between coordinators, coaches, players, and parents, so that there is a clear, fair, and confidential policy and mechanism by which matters may be identified, promptly considered, and resolved without fear of coercion or reprisal. This policy establishes the order of contact for resolution when a Green Hornet boys' lacrosse member has a complaint, and the procedures for the formal filing of a grievance.


Please view the attached file for the complete set of procedures.



Handout: Resolution Center

Parent Pledge

Parents Pledge

Understanding that parents are the singular most important role model for their children, I agree to:

  • Maintain and display self-control while attending practices, games or tournaments in which my child is participating
  • Give positive encouragement from the sidelines, because it is the best way to support the team and my child's athletic endeavors
  • Teach my child to play by the rules, respect game officials and respect others, because that is as important as learning the skills necessary to successfully play a sport
  • Recognize that the coach or manager can best represent the team when dealing with the referee

Greater Severna Park Athletic Association, Inc. is about the kids developing a sense of teamwork, sportsmanship and self worth, and I fully support these ideals.


GSPAA Guidelines

Parents are crucial to the success of any athletic program. And when parents reinforce the goals of the programs, it practically guarantees their child of an exceptional experience.

We would like parents to familiarlize themselves with the ROOTS acronym. It stands for Rules Opponents Officials Teammates and Self.

Coach and parent should teach the players to honor the game. To love the sport and uphold the spirit, as well as the letter, of its rules. To respect opponents, recognizing that a worthy opponent will push him or her to do their best. To understand the important role that officials play and to show them respect, even when we disagree with their calls. To encourage players to make a commitment to each other and to encourage one another on and off the field. To value the rich tradition of the sport and feel privileged to participate.

And finally, parents should recognize that one of the most difficult times to honor the game is when the opponent is not, and to remind their child to live up to their own highest standard (respect for self). Ultimately, parent and coach should demonstrate integrity, such that it is better to lose than win by dishonoring the game or ourselves.

Lightning Policy

Lightning Policy

Teach ...