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Sunday, October 11
Welcome to the Green Bridge Hurling Club (Brunswick/Topsham Maine) - Home of the Gnarly Geckos!

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*Hurling at Fenway Park!  Dublin vs Galway Nov 22 info

*Our friends at American Hurling have created a stick that is genuine ash handle combined with a durable composite head, for only $38.00:  (good holiday gift idea!)


What's 3000 years old, involves a crazy combination of lacrosse, baseball, hockey and soccer skills, and is incredibly fun?   The Irish sport of Hurling!  (traditional Irish field hockey).   Here is a great  video montage of hurling action.   And here is a more in-depth "how to play" video, "Hurling 101"   

At GBHC we value playing safe, competing hard but remembering it's just a game, and trying to get the hang of one of the most challenging sports in the world.    

Want to give it a shot?  Come join us for one of our weekly pickup games in the summer (times up in the "upcoming events" section  at the top of the page).   Middle school through adult, co-ed, no experience required.  We've got some loaner sticks for you to try it out.  You just need a caged helmet (eg lax or hockey) to play in the pickup game.  

Once you try it, you will undoubtedly want your own "hurley" (stick) so you can get in on the fun without waiting (and be able to knock it around at home with friends and family - but mind the windows!).  Check with Greg, we usually carry an inventory of bulk order sticks and balls.   Or buy a first quality stick from one of our suppliers - see the Buying and caring for a "hurley" (stick) tab at left.   


More good info from our friends in the Portland league:  Hurling Basics

Rules on a tab to the left.

Skills videos on a tab to the left.

Purchasing and Caring for your Hurley on a tab to the left. 

History of hurling on a tab to the left  

Awesome blog about hurling in America

More photos (all albums) 

SWAG-O-RAMA : did you miss the T-shirt or reversible order?  Contact Randy at Adept screen printing in Lisbon Falls.  He can still make you one, and the prices are very reasonable (even for one-offs)(consider front-only printing for lowest possible price).  353-6094 or adept at gwi dot net  

CONTACT INFO:  greenbridgehurling at gmail dot com 


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