Greater Princeton Little League Softball: Welcome

Greater Princeton Little League Softball

This site is dedicated to the Greater Princeton Little League Fast Pitch Softball programs.  Click on Calendar to view the combined Game, Practice and Umpire Schedule.  To view your individual schedule, click on Schedule, Division, scroll to bottom and click on your name (from here you can view week at a time or full schedule and print off your individual schedules).

Keep in should contact an opposing team's coach a couple days prior to your game to confirm the game and to get directions to the field.  I suggest your team meet at a location and caravan down together.

Also, the practices on this calendar are the times the field has been set aside for your team to practice.  That in no way menas that you have to practice at every scheduled time.  That is between you and your team.  If you need to change a practice time with someone, contact the coach and work it out between yourselves.

The calendar may change from time to time so I suggest you do not give your parents a print out of the calendar from this site.  I would suggest only a week at a time.  If changes are made to this calendar, i will text each of you and let you know that you need to check the site.

 If you find anything on the schedule that is wrong (ie., I have you two places at the same time,) please let me know as soon as possible so I can make the necessary changes.  You will see that you may be scheduled to umpire a game and also have a practice scheduled for the same time.  This is when you should try to utilize your assistant coaches (you ump game and your assistant handle practice). 

 If you can not umpire a game, let Jackie know and she will try to get someone to cover.  If you can not make a game, please call the opposing coach in plenty of time.  If you simply do not have enough girls to play, try to see if you can borrow from our other team or call the opposing coach and see if he has players you can borrow.