Granite State Gamers Softball: Welcome

Granite State Gamers Tryouts for 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U

Question:  What is Gamers Softball?

Answer:  The newly formed Gamers softball program is an ASA organization offering players the chance to play for a dedicated team designed to play competitive softball, develop players both on the field and off and to teach them how to be great teammates, instinctual playmakers and understand what it takes to get their game attractive to the next level.  We believe that these traits can be taught in a fun and competitive environment and will look for long term relationships between our staff and our players.

Question:  Who coaches the teams?

Answer:  The parent company, Play the Game, LLC is an advocate of offering people who have played and/or coached in the sport of women’s fastpitch softball.  We encourage young women to give back to their sport as coaches and will offer opportunity to college players, recent college grads, and current college coaches the opportunity to coach ASA softball.  That said, we will offer coaching positions to those experienced at coaching youth and girls that show a desire to coach, teach and can offer great sportsmanship, values and passion toward the sport.

Question:  What to expect at tryouts?

Answer:  Tryouts will be held on 8/9/12 at 630 PM at Manchester South Jr. Deb Fields off Brown Ave.

Age groups will be seperated to all 12U players and all 18U players.  Position players should expect to make plays at their position in a controlled environment (fielding and throwing).  Pitchers should plan to show all of their pitches and Catchers should be prepared to receive and block.

All players will receive ample swings at the plate from front toss as well as show their ability to bunt, slap and run the bases.

If time allows, we will offer some opportunity to show skills in a game like situation with live batters and pitchers.