Grafton Little League (GLL) - Grafton, WI: Summer Baseball Divisions

Boys and Girls aged 5-6 (Tee or Coach Pitch)

Baseball - U8 Rookies
Boys and Girls aged 7-8 (Machine Pitch)

Baseball - U10 Minors
Boys and girls aged 9-10 (Player Pitch)

Baseball - U12 Majors
Boys and girls aged 11-12 (Player Pitch)

Baseball - U14 Juniors
Boys and girls aged 13-14 (Player Pitch)

Baseball - U16 Seniors
Boys and girls aged 15-16 (Player Pitch)

Softball - U8 Rookies
Girls aged 7-8 (Machine Pitch)

Softball - U10 Minors
Girls aged 9-10 (Player Pitch)

Softball - U12 Majors
Girls aged 11-12 (Player Pitch)

Boys and Girls aged 4-18 with intellectual and\or physical challenges.
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