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Registration for 2016

Online registration for 2016 is now open.

Please read the next section regarding changes to registration for 2016. 

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Registration Changes for 2016

Grafton Little League is changing registration for the 2016 season.  The changes are not being implemented to increase revenue (revenue actually decreases slightly), but rather to simplify the fundraising options for Baseball & Softball as well as to incentivize volunteerism.

Summary of Changes and Related Notes:

  • T-Ball players will be required to purchase one BaseballMania Sweepstakes game card ($20) as a fundraiser.  If the BaseballMania game card is resold the net cost for T-Ball remains $40.
  • Baseball & Softball players will be required to choose one of two fundraising options: 1) Purchase three BaseballMania Sweepstakes game cards ($60) OR 2) Purchase one box of candy bars ($60).
  • Baseball & Softball players will be required to pay a Volunteer Fee ($50).  Upon a parent completing ~2-3 hours of volunteer work (Manager\Coach\Board Member\Concessions, field clean-up, etc.), a $50 gift card or check to a local business will be given out.
  • The net cost for Baseball & Softball players will be $90 if the fundraising items are resold and the volunteer requirement completed.
  • A chart that illustrates the 2016 Registration Options and Volunteer Fee can be found HERE.
  • Although many Softball families and fans do not patronize the concessions stand during softball games, the operation of the concession stand helps offset operating costs for all of GLL including the Softball division.  We are going to attempt to schedule some Softball games on Fields 1 & 2 in 2016.


If you are experiencing financial difficulties, Grafton Little League will work with you to assure that all children that want to play Little League Baseball, Softball or T-Ball have that opportunity.  We have a limited number of scholarships available; we can also work with you on a payment plan.  For families that have three or more children participating in Baseball or Softball (not including T-Ball), the third and subsequent children only have to pay the registration fee.  If any of these situations describe you, please contact Jerry Faust soon so we can get you registered before the deadline.


We are very fortunate to have a core group of loyal sponsors that have been with us for several years; we also have new sponsors join us each year.  It is through the generosity of these sponsors that we are able to continue to offer our little league program.  Please review our current list of sponsors and consider using them for your needs and services when possible.  If you are interested in sponsoring a team you can find details in the SPONSORSHIP section of the "Downloads" page of this website; or contact Jo Maehl by clicking HERE.

Age Determination Date Change for 2016

Little League has changed the "League Age" determination date for Baseball players for the 2016 season.  The two driving reasons for the change are to keep 13 year olds out of the Little League World Series and to assure kids get to play with their grade.  Specific details of the change can be read HERE.  The GLL 2016 Age Chart is posted on the "Downloads" page.

New Bat Rules Starting in 2018

Little League International is adopting new bat standards effective with the 2018 season.  GLL does not want to discourage the purchase of new bats but we do want you to be aware that bats that you currently own, plus any new bats purchased in 2016 and into early 2017, likely will not be legal beyond Dec. 31, 2017.  Additional details can be read HERE and HERE.

New Little League Complex

We broke ground in October, 2013 for our new Little League complex; we continue to fundraise and solicit potential donors.  As you can imagine, a project of this size requires the efforts of many volunteers to make it successful.  Please consider volunteering to help with this project; your efforts will be a legacy for our community for decades to come.  Click HERE for current information.

Board of Directors Meetings

The Grafton Little League Board of Directors meet the first Tuesday of each month at the Grafton Senior Center.  Aug-Apr meetings start at 7pm, May-Jul meetings start at 8pm.  All are welcome to come and share ideas and\or concerns.

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