Grafton Girls Softball Inc.: Gemme Division

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The Gemme Division is designed for girls in grades 6-9.  The focus continues to be on building upon the skills learned in the Junior Division while beginning to specialize players into a couple of positions.   ASA rules are used, however, local rules (related to batting orders, substitutions, etc) have been instituted as well. 

Teams play 10 - 12 games per season.  All games are scheduled on week nights.  We typically feature interleague games with teams from neighboring towns ( e.g. Millbury Girls Softball League and Sutton Youth Softball.)  Games in Grafton will be played at Grafton's North Street Elementary School (formerly known as the Grafton Middle School).  Out of town game locations will be announced with the schedules.


Gemme Division Schedule 


Direction to North Street Elementary School

Gemme Division Rules

Gemme Division Standards

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