Grafton Girls Softball Inc.: Winter Clinics

2014/2015 Grafton Girls Softball Clinics!

Winter Skills Clinics

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Catching Clinic

Grafton Diamonds Open Practices

Inclement Weather Policy



Inclement Weather Policy

Grafton Girls Softball Clinics and Events 



For events held in a Grafton school:

  •  If school is closed due to vacation or holiday, we will not hold a clinic (usually these dates are built into the schedule).
  • If school is cancelled for the day, we will not hold a clinic/practice.
  •  If there is an early dismissal, we will not hold a clinic/practice.
    • If there is a delayed start, we will have access to the gym that night and the clinic/practice is on.
  • If evening activities at the school have been cancelled, we will not hold a clinic/practice.


Players and instructors who do not reside in Grafton will be contacted by their coach or clinic coordinator regarding cancellations.


For events held in a private facility (Baseball Academy, Sportsplex, etc.):


Assume that the event will be held as scheduled. Your coach or clinic coordinator will contact players and instructors if the facility is closed and the session will be cancelled. On some occasions the activity may be cancelled even if the facility is open.

 General rules for all facilities:

o   Please carry sneakers (or cleats) into the building.  To keep the gym floor and playing surfaces dry, clean and safe, players should put in their sneakers in the lobby/foyer before entering the gym or field.

o   Water-only and no food in the schools.  (Same rule on the fields for private facilities, but they usually allow food and drinks in certain areas)

o   Please dispose of all trash.

o   Only soft-covered softballs may be used in the school gyms.

o   Please do not use school equipment or disturb school property. 

o   Please do not allow players or siblings to “run around” the lobby, hallways or waiting areas. 

o   At North Street School, please do not allow players and siblings to climb the bleachers.

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