Grafton Girls Softball Inc.: Coaches Corner Forms

Forms, handouts and downloads for use by coaches.
Assessment Forms

Gemme Skill AssessmentGemme Skill Assessment

Junior Skill AssessmentJunior Skill Assessment

Cole Divison Skill AssessmentCole Divison Skill Assessment

Forms for use by all divisions

Lineup CardLineup Card

Positions Played FormPositions Played Form


Coaches Manual - Cole RulesCoaches Manual - Cole Rules

Coaches Manual - Gemme RulesCoaches Manual - Gemme Rules

Coaches Manual - Junior RulesCoaches Manual - Junior Rules

Practice Plans

2010 Junior Practice Plan2010 Junior Practice Plan

2010 Cole Practice Plan2010 Cole Practice Plan

2010 Gemme Practice Plan2010 Gemme Practice Plan

CORI Forms

CORI Authorization forms

CORI AuthorizationCORI Authorization

More Handouts:
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