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Tuesday, November 25
Age Determination Date Clarification


We want to communicate important information regarding the way Little League ages will be determined in 2015.  Here is an excerpt from an email from Little League dated 11/19/14:

"In April, 2014 the International Congress approved the new league age determination amendment for Little League Baseball®.  To implement the new amendment, it was decided to include a three-year waiting period to execute the change, starting in 2018. Questions from the field were raised about the impact the change would have on players that were currently league age 8 under the traditional system.  Using feedback from Little League® parents through our District Administrators, the Little League International Board of Directors adjusted the April-approved implementation strategy in order to modify the impact on all of our minor and major division players. The adjustment also allows for an easier transition for players in the early years of Little League participation.

As a result of this recent adjustment to the implementation strategy, effective immediately, any player born on or after January 1, 2006 who will turn the ages of 4-9 during the 2015 calendar year will be eligible to participate in a local Little League program and will use the new age determination date of December 31 for the reminder of their Little League Baseball career. Players will still be assigned to a division based on local league divisional structure.

Consequently, players born prior to January 1, 2006 will continue to utilize the current age determination date of April 30 for the remainder of their Little League career."

Here are a few links to an online age calculator and additional information on how your son or daughter may be impacted:

Online Age Calculator

Additional Age Determination Information


  • Players born after 1/1/06 will follow the NEW age determination method:
    • Little League age = age the player turns during the calendar year
    • These players with birthdays from May 1st through December 31st will lose a year of minor-league eligibility
  • Players born before 1/1/06 will follow the OLD age determination method
    • Little League age = age of the player on April 30th
    • These players will NOT lose a year of eligibility
  • Little League decided upon this method of transition to prevent any current player from losing a year of Majors division eligibility
  • The 20-month class of players born between 5/1/05 and 12/31/06 will all be considered league-age 9's in 2015, 10's in 2016, 11's in 2017, and 12's in 2018.  


  • These changes came down from Little League International
  • They are effective as of 11/19/14 and will be in effect for the 2015 GRLL baseball season
  • This is very fresh news and the League is working through the possible impacts, scenarios, and management approaches for 2015 and beyond as a result of the new age determination methods
  • We expect there to be some confusion regarding age determinations and we will continue to do our best to communicate this to the GRLL family