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2017 Registration is Closed!

This year, we will only be accepting registration through our online system.  To do so, use the tab to the left labeled "My Site News" and follow the link.  REMEMBER! After you have done so, you must still appear at one of our document turn-in dates with three proofs of residency and your child's birth certificate. 

 Document Turn-in

Thursday, January 19 @ GPHS Cafeteria 6-8pm

Tuesday, January 24th @ GPHS Cafeteria 6-8pm

Saturday, January 28th @ GPHS Cafeteria 9am-1pm 



In Oregon, all coaches at all levels are now REQUIRED to complete an on-line concussion training course.  We MUST have your certified copy of completion on file before you begin practice.  Click the link below to begin your 30-40 min. class.

A new volunteer application must be filled out EACH year.  Click on Handouts to the right to get the form.  There is a shorter form for returning volunteers.

You will also find the coaches application by clicking on Handouts to the right. 




      Mailing Address: GPALL 233 Rogue River Hwy. #83 Grants Pass, OR 97527

Support Our Sponsors!!!

Check out our sponsor page and please support the businesses that support GPALL.

 Our 2016/17 Grants Pass American Little League Board


Jason Elzy- President  

Gabe Snodgrass- Vice President, Majors & Minors Baseball 

Shannon Huff- Vice President, Softball

Jaime Bernard-Vice President, T-Ball & Coach Pitch Baseball   

Tony Smith- Treasurer  

Melissa Stinson- Secretary  

Danny Huber-Kantola- Players Agent

Laurie Swales-Information Officer

Mike Swales-Equipment Manager

Desiree Blay-Fundraising Coordinator

Josh Burchette-Safety Officer   

Fields Manager-Open

All Star Coordinator-Open

Concession Manager-Open 




Please check out our 'MY SITE NEWS' page (to the left) for more information about League Standings, Concession Stand Info.,Major Managers, All Stars, Bats, Game Days, Rules to follow for practice and more!


Attention Parents, Family Members, Business owners!!!!  

Grants Pass American Little League is a non-profit organization, made up entirely of volunteers.  Please consider teaming up with us to serve the youth in our community by becoming a sponsor.                           

Questions???  Contact the GPALL by email at or by the phone numbers listed below.

For T-ball and Baseball Coach Pitch: (541)916-9029

For Baseball Minors & Majors: (541)291-6298

For Softball all Divisions (541)916-9304

Mailing Address: GPALL 233 Rogue River Hwy. #83 Grants Pass, OR 97527 

 If you live in the zip code of 97527 or Williams

please contact GPNLL at 541-441-2788. 

Friday, December 18
Grants Pass American Little League

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