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Dec. 21 Junior Division:

Wheeler & Taylor defeated Eagle Shoe & Boot 13-10

High scorers for Wheeler & Taylor were Emma Stewart & Mia Faggioni with 4 points each. Eagle Shoe & Boot was lead by Kayleigh Davis & Lenah Helmke with 4 points each.

Jack's Country Squire defeated Williams' Paving 10-6

High scorers for Jack's were Abby Dohoney & Olivia Ruggierio with 4 points each. Williams' was lead by Emily Mead with 4 points.

Dec. 21 Senior Division:

Hull Oil defeated Baldwin Hardware 

High scorers for Hull Oil were Kamila Forfa & Emily Curtiss with 10 points each.  Baldwin was lead by Gretta Luf with 8 points.

Olde Village Monogramming defeated Montery T-Shirts 

High scorers for Olde Village were Bella Saporito & Abby Wade with 14 points each.  Monterey was lead by Maggie D'Aniello with 12 points and Katilyn Decker with 11 points.

Jan. 4 Junior Division:

Jack's Country Squire defeated Eagle Shoe & Boot 18-9

High scorer for Jack's was Marti Cunningham with 6 points.  Eagle & Shoe was lead by Isabella Costello with 4 points.

Wheeler & Taylor defeated Williams' Paving 7-4

High scorer for Wheeler & Taylor was Mia Faggioni with 6 points. Williams' was lead by Anika Theimann with 2 points.

Jan. 4 Senior Division:

Monterey T-Shirts defeated Hull Oil 36-24

High scorers for Monterey were Destiny Brown with 14 points and Katilyn Decker with 8 points.  Hull Oil was lead by Emily Curtiss with 10 points and Kamilla Forfa with 8 points.

Olde Village Monogramming defeated Baldwin Hardware

High scorers for Olde Village were Abby Wade with 16 points and Bella Saporito with 11 points. Baldwin's was lead by Gretta Luf with 9 points. 

Jan. 11 Junior Division:

Eagle Shoe & Boot defeated Williams' Paving 6-4

High scorer for Eagle was Kayla Sweet with 4 points. Williams' was lead by Bailey Carlson and Anika Theimann with 2 points each.

Jack's Country Squire defeated Wheeler & Taylor 12-11

High scorer for Jack's was Abby Dohoney with 4 points.  Wheeler & Taylor was lead by Emily Mueller with 6 points.

Jan. 11 Senior Division:

Monterey T-Shirts defeated Baldwin's Hardware

High scorer for Monterey was Destiny Brown with 14 points. Baldwin's was lead by Mercedes Grubber with 6 points.

Olde Village Monogramming defeated Hull Oil

High scorer for Olde Village was Fiona Horan with 18 points.  Hull Oil was lead by Emily  Curtiss with 10 points. 


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The Golden Knights Girls Youth Basketball Program teaches basketball to schoolgirls in grades K through 8 in the Berkshire Hills Regional School District in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The program is run by volunteers who coach and teach basketball to the girls in the program, administer the program, referee and score keep the games, and perform other duties necessary to support a successful basketball program. The program consists of practices, a house league, and traveling teams. The practices teach the girls the fundamentals, skills, rules, and strategies of basketball. The house league is made up of teams consisting of the girls in the program and play games against each other during the basketball season. The traveling teams consist of girls with a strong commitment to dedicating the time necessary to play more competitive basketball offered by the traveling teams.

The Golden Knights Program has three traveling teams, the 3rd/4th grade traveling team, the 5th/6th grade traveling team, and the 7th/8th grade traveling team. The traveling teams play in the Berkshire County Girls Basketball League, play independent games against teams in other leagues, and play in tournaments. A highlight of the Golden Knights Program is the annual Golden Knights Schoolgirl Invitational Basketball Tournament hosted by the traveling teams. This tournament has a 5th/6th Grade Division and a 7th/8th Grade Division. The tournament has drawn teams from throughout New England, New York state, and Canada. Besides providing competitive basketball competition, the tournament is the primary fund-raiser for the Golden Knights Girls Youth Basketball Program.

The Golden Knights Program has established a tradition of supporting the fight against breast cancer in women. A goal of the Golden Knights Tournament is to heighten awareness of breast cancer and to use the tournament as a fundraiser to help find a cure of breast cancer.

The success of the Golden Knights Program and Tournaments can be attributed to the many volunteers who plan, coach, scorekeep, provide rides, officiate house league games, participate in fundraisers, and participate in preparing for, setting up and working during the Golden Knights Tournaments. Many volunteers are parents of the girls in the Golden Knights Program. A few people actively work in the program long after their daughters have left the program or have never had a daughter in the program. The Golden Knights Volunteer Awards recognize these people. Select the following link for a list of the Golden Knights Volunteer Award recipients.