Idaho District 2 Little League: Umpires

Wednesday, March 21
2018 Little League Rule Changes

2018 Little League Rule Changes, a number of which were approved and implemented at Little League Congress in January 2018, so they are not included in the printed copies of the Little League rules. The link to these rules changes on the Little League website is above.

Summary as follows: 

  • Reg VI(d): Pitcher cannot pitch in 3 consecutive days, even if under 20 pitches
  • 1.10 (Baseball only): All bats must have USA Baseball screenprint (no stickers except for T-Ball) or Int/Jun can be BBCOR 0.50. No BPF 1.15 bats allowed. No pine tar allowed on wooden bats. Barrel diameter not to exceed 2 5/8”
  • 3.03: Regular Season Substitution rules match Tournament Rules Starter and sub are married and cannot be in the lineup at the same time. Once both have met minimum play, can be freely substituted
  • 4.04: Using Continuous Batting Order, all players are considered starters
  • 4.10(e): Interleague did not adopt the 15 run rule after 3 innings for the regular season. Will be required at All-Stars
  • 8.06: Majors and above, mound visits are limited to 1 per inning and 2 per game
  • 9.01: Stealing signs is grounds for ejection

Saturday, February 6
Umpire Resources

Here are a few training resources for your reference.

Umpire Bible -- The district umpires have reviewed this site, and find it to be highly useful in all training aspects. The address is if the link doesn't work.

Be sure to also check out the Downloads:Umpires page for training materials, pregame checklists, and more.

Umpire Contact List


2019 District Umpire Staff

Rob Brown - District UIC


Ron Baker 724-4014
Jim Byrne 850-8120

Teri Reinsch-Cook 850-9848

Bob Darling 425-736-4480

Mike Garoutte 371-5411

Brian Harrison 841-8290

Chuck Lawrence 440-9800

Al Marino 412-0027

Ian Osgood 360-470-8048

Ben Semple 340-5215

J.D. Sexton 890-6780

Jim Shemwell 794-8242

Bob Slyter 949-6800

Dan Williams 863-2065



2019 League UICs

Brian Weers Emmett UIC 369-3321
Katrina Barber Idaho City UIC 392-4764
Glen Hogin Nampa UIC 841-4833
Adam Rothenbuhler North Boise UIC 867-9946
Owen Seatz Northwest Ada UIC 860-3172
Josh Holland South Boise UIC  
Brian Deatherage Southwest Ada UIC 880-5134
Scott Gafford West Boise UIC 899-1182
 Parry Walborn West Valley UIC  541-990-8300

Sunday, February 4
2018 Umpire Training - Local

Below are the dates, times, and locations for both Rules and Mechanics (on-field) clinics.  Note that some days there are 2 mechanics clinics being offered, attendance is only expected for a single 3-hour clinic (morning or afternoon).


Upcoming Clinics: 

Date  Time Clinic Type (Hosting League) Location / Notes
 March 10 (Sat)      
  9a - Noon Rules (ELL) New Life Celebration Church, 1809 S Sub Station Rd., Emmett
  1p - 3p Mechanics (ELL) Gem Island Sports Complex, Emmett

9a - Noon 


(NVLL) Nampa City Rec Senior Center, 207 Constitution Way, Nampa

 1p - 3p


(NVLL) Birch Fields, 6900 Birch Ln, Nampa
March 17 (Sat)      
  9a - Noon Mechanics (NBLL/WVLL) Riverglen Jr. High, 6801 N. Gary Ln., Boise

2p - 5p 


 (SBLL/SWALL) Liberty Park, N Liberty St., Boise
 March 20 (Tue)      
  7p - 9p Rules (Northern) Lowell Scott Middle School, 13600 W. McMillan Rd, Boise
 April 2 (Mon)
   7p - 8p  Balk  Rolling Hills School – 8900 N. Horseshoe Bend Rd, Garden City
 April 5 (Thu)
   7p - 9p
 Rules  (Southern) Amity Elementary - 10000 W Amity Rd, Boise
 April 8 (Sun)      
  1p - 4p Mechanics (WBLL/NWALL) McDevitt Fields – E. McMillan & Eagle Rd, Boise