Idaho District 2 Little League: Umpires

Umpire Clinics for 2014 have ended
Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2014 umpire clinics held throughout the area.  We had a large turnout and excellent participation.  Remember, there are many resources available for the Little League umpire to find information on rules, mechanics, and situation interpretations.  Please review this page, as well as the Downloads(Umpires) page for resources.

Umpire Resources
Be sure to check out the Downloads:Umpires page for training materials, pregame checklists, and more.

Umpire Contact Lists


2014 District Umpire Staff

Bob Slyter - District UIC  208-949-6800 
Tony Daly  208-724-4398
Lynn Catlin  208-484-2494
Bill Devereux 208-371-7596
Dean Metzger 208-989-9823
Jim Shemwell 208-794-8242
Bill Whiting 208-323-9791
Dan Williams 208-863-2065
Chuck Lawrence 208--440-9800
Al Marino 208-412-0027
Riley Jones 208-921-6475
Bob Darling 425-736-4480


2014 League UICs

Eric Hamilton Nampa UIC 208-573-9763
Jeff Van Lith South Boise UIC 208-890-1944
  West Boise UIC  
Dave Nelson West Valley UIC 208-286-7696
Buster Minshew West Valley UIC SB 208-249-0974
Rob Brown North Boise UIC 208-841-9466
Jaime Kubena Southwest Ada UIC 208-870-2855
Matt Robison Emmett UIC 208-477-7315
Rick Wilkison Northwest Ada UIC 208-867-6098

The old District 2 umpires web site is located here:

Note: it will be disappearing soon- we are working to move those resources to this site.