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Monday, May 29
A STATE - World Series Roster Requirements

As some of our league teams prepare for the A State which must be played to quaify for the A World Series here are a couple items to keepo in mind. This is a protected class for Drafted/Rec A teams to play among themselves. This is an opportunity that many players will not have to play against other cities A teams in a tournament format.

1. League teams should carry the players they have had all year, dont leave anyone behind.

2. Any player on a Irving A team roster MUST be a registered player in IBBAs league. Anyone found taking players from outside our league will be reported to the tournament director and you will likely be removed from the tournament without further play or refund. USSSA takes this serious and so does out league.

3. USSSA AAA players are not allowed to play in the A functions. Roster requirements can be found on the webpage HERE.

Have fun, Play Hard, show good Spotsmanship!

Thanks IBBA

Monday, May 22
Election Results

Election Results:


Congratulations to the new President Jeremy Thorn and Treasurer Alan Lewis.  

Thank you to everyone that came out and voted in this election.  

Friday, September 9
USSSA Bat Policy - 2014 ALL Bats must have the USSSA Thumbpint Mark!

Wednesday, March 15
2017 Practice Locations

Please see the handount attached for 2017 Practice Locations. The locations in this handout lists the IBBA locations approved by the City and IISD for use. There are parks and school locations provided and are a first come serve basis. Please have a copy of the letter and if there is another organization in our provided location they should move. Associations are now being assigned the entire school property rather than individual backstops. Contact your league director if there is any other organizaton refusing to yield practice as these are approved by the City and IISD.


DeZavala 707 W. Pioneer***                                        Gilbert 1501 E. Pioneer

Lee 1600 Carlisle                                                          Schultz 1200 S. Irving Heights

Townley 1030 Vilbig                                                      Travis 1600 Finley Road***

Mustang Park 2223 Kinwest Parkway**                       Trinity View Park 2221 E. State Highway 356

**Prac?ce is at the backstop only and Recrea?on programming through 5 is the priority ***Prac?ce at the two schools will be shared with School based 7 th and 8 th Grade programs James Smith Recrea?on & Athle?cs Services Manager 

Handout: 2017 Practice Locations

Friday, May 19
10U End of Season City Championship

Wednesday, January 4
IBBA is offering a "FULL TEAM" registration for established teams. The team fee is $400.00 and must consist of a minimum of 10 players. These teams will also be responsible for each player selling the $60.00 League Fundraiser for the remaining portion of the registration fee. A roster must be turned in at the time of registration. Any player added to the roster is also responsible for the additional Fundraiser fee.
Players will not be provided as part of the draft process.