Goffstown Junior Baseball: My Default Season Divisions

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A competitive league for 10, 11 and 12 year old players to increase their knowledge and sharpen their skills of the game of baseball to compete at a higher level. There is a mandatory playing rule for all kids to help ensure playing time for all to develop and grow their baseball skills. This division includes regular season league play (Typically between 12-15 games) between the local teams, and culminates with an end of the season, double elimination tournament. The players from this division will be part of the pool of kids that will make up the All-Star teams (12U, 11U, and 10U teams), which will compete against other teams in the District tournament. Success in the District tournament would lead to the State Tournament, then the Regional tournament, and then the ultimate goal of reaching the Little League World Series.

The Minor League is intended to continue teaching and strengthening the fundamentals of the game at a more competitive level for both boys and girls ages 8, 9, and 10. In this league it is the first time player's pitch to other players and the score is kept. Minors has more emphasis on teaching and developing baseball skills like fielding, throwing, catching, hitting, pitching, stealing bases and sliding at a higher level while teaching them the rules of baseball. As with all leagues this is intended for the children to have fun while learning the rules and fundamentals of baseball.

The farm league is an instructional league intended to reinforce and strengthen the fundamentals of baseball learned in tee-ball while increasing the level of competition for children ages 6, 7, and 8. Skills such as throwing, catching, hitting, and base-running will be reinforced while new skills such as fielding will be introduced. During the game, coaches and assistant coaches will pitch to players. If the player is unsuccessful at hitting the pitch after a number of attempts, an adjustable tee will be brought in for the player to hit from. As the season progresses, outs will begin to count and it is expected that players will be able to hit pitched balls at a more regular rate. Emphasis is always placed on making sure everyone; players, coaches, and parents; are enjoying themselves and having fun during the season!

T-Ball is an instructional league intended to introduce both boys and girls ages 4, 5, and 6 to the game of baseball. It gives children the ability to develop baseball skills like throwing, catching, hitting, and running bases as well as learning basic fielding skills and most important of all having fun while learning the basics of baseball. During the game of T-Ball, the ball is placed on an adjustable tee atop the home plate at a suitable height for the batter to swing at. Most teams work to develop skills in order for the children to hit a ball pitched by their coach. This gives the batter an opportunity to try and hit a few pitched balls before going to the tee in the hope that this will further encourage batting skills. Most of the other rules are similar or identical to those of baseball. We encourage parents to assist during the game by coaching players in the dugout, in the field, on the bases, and at the plate.