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  Mills Godwin Baseball Scrimmage Hitting Stats  
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Player  Position  G  Inn  PA  AB  R  1B  2B  3B  HR  RBI  BB  Sac  SO  HbP  RE  FC  SB  CS  OBP  Slg  OPS  Avg  GIDP  SF  LOB  IBB
No Godwin Eagle Players added to the 2012 Godwin Roster this season.
Entry Stats:
G - Games Played    Inn - Innings    PA - Plate Appearances    R - Runs    1B - Hits    2B - Doubles    3B - Triples    HR - Home Runs    RBI - Runs Batted In    BB - Base on Balls    Sac - Sacrafice Hits    SO - StrikeOuts    HbP - Hit by Pitch    RE - Reached on Error    FC - Fielder's Choice    SB - Stolen Bases    CS - Caught Stealing    GIDP - Grounded into Double Play    SF - Sacrifice Fly    LOB - Left on Base    IBB - Intentional Walks   
Calculated Stats:
AB - At Bats    OBP - On Base Percentage    Slg - Slugging Percentage    OPS - On-base Plus Slugging Percentage    Avg - Batting Average