Mills E. Godwin Baseball: Baseball Links

National High School Baseball Coaches Association
The BCA does it all for high school baseball. This a tremendous organization that ALL high school baseball coaches should support.

John Skilton's Baseball Links
The BEST overall baseball site on the internet.

A Guide to College Baseball and Beyond
This is an excellent web site by Virginian Bobby McKinney, a Pittsburgh Pirates scout, who explains what it takes for the serious player who wants to play in college or professionally.

USA Today High School Baseball Rankings
Official USA Today Prep Baseball rankings for 1999

Collegiate Baseball

High School Baseball Web

Coaching Management
This is an excellent article concerning parent/coach relationships. Coach Marano from Godwin was interviewed for this article.

Aaron's Baseball Links

Godwin Volleyball
A link to the top volleyball program in the state of Virginia

Godwin Wrestling
The wrestling program under Stever Crocker now has its own website. Please visit this site.

A link to many search engines