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Saturday, June 23



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smug mug video‏ 


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Tonight's banquet‏ 

We wanted to let you know that the snack bar will not be open to sell drinks tonight.  If you would like to bring your own- you are more than welcome.  Moe's will provide lemonade and tea with dinner. 
Also, all speeding tickets have been complete and will be waiting for your swimmers to pick up to put in the prize buckets.  Please do so as soon as you get there as we will begin drawing for prizes at the beginning of the night.  We have lots to give away. 
Dinner will be served right at 6:30 so we can begin our long night of festivities- it is going to be so much fun.  The pool will be open so you are welcome to wear your swim suit. 
We will have someone collecting money at the front gate for our dinner- $7 a person for all non swim team members- children 2 and under are free.  Please have cash or check ready.  Thank you and we look forward to a great night celebrating a great finish!
video, awards, lost and found and speeding tickets - updated
We have received great news- we will be sending out a link after tonight for the video to be downloaded.  No need to order or pay for it.  Just download yourself if you would like to have it on DVD. 
If you can not attend tonight, please arrange for someone to pick up your awards for you.  Last year they overtook my garage- so please be kind and have someone pick up for you or your swimmer.  We also have medals from Championships and picture orders left to be given out.  Please pick those up at the table near the DJ. 
We had lost and found from both Quals and Championships- please look through it and see if any of it yours. 
Lastly, for prizes, we are giving all swimmers a chance for a prize- all you need to do is put your speeding tickets in the bucket.  Once your name is called, another swimmer will get the chance to win. 
Thank you for your patience with all the emails. 
Your GlenOaks Swim Team Board


Championship Meet results‏ 

 Congratulations Gators on another 2nd place finish!  We are closing the gap on Douglas Hills and we think we can catch them next year.  You can find results from handout session.


Let's celebrate at the Banquet Monday night at 6:30 at the pool.  All speeding tickets are complete and in the ribbon box.  Please bring all your speeding tickets to the banquet for the chance to earn prizes.  Thank you for a wonderful season and see everyone on Monday




We wanted to encourage everyone to stay for the point total announcement at the end of the meet- let's stay together as a team if at all possible.  We have a feeling it is going to be a tight race and those end relays are extremely important.  After the points are announced, we will then go to BW3's in Middltetown to celebrate
Age group parents- please be aware of swim ups in relays- we have several in the 13-14 and 15-18 relays and we don't want those swimmers to miss their event or leave not knowing they are supposed to swim.  Alternates are very important too- please make sure you have your full relay teams reporting to clerk of course before dismissing any alternates for relays.  Also, all alternates for individual events must also report to clerk of course- alternates do get in sometimes- so we do not want to miss those opportunities.
If you are riding a bus or a limo- please bring your $10 with you to the Pep Rally.
Go Gators and let's get ready to swim!
See you at the Pep Rally at noon!


Parent Volunteers‏ 

Please find the Parent Volunteer sheet here. 
Warm ups start promptly at 2 pm and the meet will start at 3 pm (if Div 2 gets done when they are supposed to- they swim before us).  The Pep Rally will start at noon with car decorating, tattoos, music and cheers.  Please dress in your best Pirate Attire. 
The buses (we have 3) and limo will leave the parking lot at 1pm to get to Plainview on time.  Our swimmers did such a great job at Qualifications, we have a chance to do well tomorrow.  If you still want in the Party bus, there is still room- so just let us know.  Go Gators- chomp, chomp, chomp!

Saturday Champs Info at Plainview‏ 

You can find  Heat Sheet here for tomorrow. 



Volunteer assignments will be out hopefully later tonight. Please read the information below- very important.  Let's Go Gators and let's swim as well as we did earlier this week. 


This is for Divisions 1 about parking at Plainview this weekend for champs.


Jeffersontown has decided that, as usual, the adult pool will be open during championships for pool members.  It is not, however, open as a warm down pool. There is no warm down pool for LSA  champs.  Please express this to your team.  The dive well will also be open  for pool members during champs.  Anyone who is in the meet may not use the facilities other than the competition pool, unless you are a member of the Plainveiw Swim Center.

Confirming that no athletes may use the adult pool or dive pool for any reason.

PENALTY: If an athlete is caught in the adult pool, from the time the Division's general warm ups starts, until the end of the meet (last event 80 is complete), that swimmer will be disqualified from their next event (or last event swam if the swimmer has no more events), for UNSPORTSLIKE conduct




another record, party bus and limo deadline and Pep Rally‏ 

We another record that was broken last night.  6 and under boy Jackson Nguyen broke Matthew Johnson's 25 free time from 2011 with a new time of 25.26. 
Congratulations Jackson!
This is a reminder that if you would like to ride in the limo- 13 and over or party bus- 12 and under (please tell your swimmers this is not like last years party bus- it's a true party bus).
This is for everyone that made Championships in either individual or relay - even as an alternate. Relays will be announced today. 
Only 11 and older have practice this morning- 9-10:15 am.  Regular practice tonight. 
Thank you.
Your GlenOaks Swim Team Board

Quals tonight and 2 Glen Oaks records broken‏

Congratulations to our younger age groups.  We again had many improved times tonight and our swimmers swam amazing.  Congratulations!
We had 2 more Glen Oaks records broken tonight- Anna Baker broke the 7-8 girls backstroke record held since 2008 by Morgan Miller with a new time of 23.80. 
Congratulations Anna!
Jaxon Panariello also broke the 7-8 boys backstroke record held since 2011 by Will Altsman with a new time of 21.72.  Congratulations Jaxon! 
Relays will be announced tomorrow- so be looking for them in your email.  Even if they did not qualify tonight- your swimmer may still be going to Championships on a relay. 
If you can not be on a relay, we need to know that by tomorrow morning.  Thanks and good evening.   

Your GlenOaks Swim Team Board





Record Broken‏

On a happier note- I failed to announce another Glen Oaks record that was broken- Misha Semenov broke his own record in the 50 free with a new time of 26.74- Congratulations Misha! 




WOW- results from 11 and older Qualifications‏ 

We are so proud of our 11 and older swimmers- they swam a fantastic Qualifications meet last night.  We had many improved times and improved placements last night.  Congratulations to a well done meet!  Let's get geared up for 10 and under Qualifiations and Championships on Saturday.

See the results at



Not only did we have alot of time improvements- we had 4 records broken.
Asia Seidt broke a 5 year old Glen Oaks record and an 8 year old Div 1 record last night in the 100 Free with a new time of 59.40!
Asia also broke her own Glen Oaks record and a 2 year old Div 1 record in the backstroke and IM with new times of 30.12 and 1:07.52. 
Congratulations Asia!
Nathan Skrodzki broke our own Glen Oaks record held by Jakson Wine since 2010 (34.19) with a new time of 33.84. 
Congratulations Nathan!
Congruatulations again to all our swimmers on a great night!




BW3's after the meet tonight‏ 

The older kids voted to go to BW3's in Middletown after the Qualification meet tonight. 
We will have Team photos ready to be picked up as well as LSA shirts that were ordered starting this morning at practice. 
We will continue to send updates as the day progresses.
Clarification on several items‏
Limos and Party Buses- All swimmers swimming in Championships is welcome to join us on the Party Bus or Limos- this includes all alternates (which we will have for relays and individiual events).  Party Buses are for 12 years old and younger- very fun bus.  Limos are reserved for swimmers ages 13 and over.  Reservations must be made in order to secure your spot- there is a limited number of seating.  So please reserve your spot today.  Deadline is Thursday. $10 a swimmer.
Several have asked about the weather on Wed.  LSA is in charge of this event and they will hold the meet if at all possible because there is no rain out reschedule date.  They will wait it out and this could mean several hours.  We just wanted you to be aware of their thoughts (this is not a Glen Oaks event, but an LSA event).  Be prepared and pray for no thunder and lightening. 
Parking will be an issue on Wed.  We are having a drop off zone to drop off swimmers and bags, but the parking lot will fill up quickly. We ask you to please do drop offs and then ride your bike up to the pool or carpool as much as possible.  The bike parking will be to the left of the clubhouse in the grass area (closer to dumpsters).  We ask you to leave the parking to our visiting teams as over 1200 people will be visiting our pool.  Thank you.

We are sure more questions will arrise and we will continue to answer them.  This is a new adventure for us and we working through them. 
Practice Schedule for Our Last Week‏ 
We hope everyone has had a great 4th of July!  Wish the rain would leave us for awhile. 
We wanted to give everyone the schedule for our last week together. 
Tomorrow- Friday is regular practice schedule with Reward Cart and Treats (we are not doing donuts because of chance of rain, but we will have something)
Monday- morning practice for everyone inlcuding 6 and unders
Monday evening- Qualifications for 11 and older at Douglas Hills 5pm start- warm up times are to come
Tuesday morning- no practice for 11 and older, 10 and under will have practice on Tuesday morning- normal morning practice times
Tuesday evening- normal practice times
Wed morning- normal practice times except no 6 and under practice
Wed evening- Qualification for 10 and under at Glen Oaks- 5 pm start, warm up times to come
                       No practice for 11 and older
Thursday morning- 11 and older practice- note time change 9-10:15 am, no 10 and under practice
Thurs evening- normal practice times
Friday morning- last practice, normal practice times, last Reward Cart and Friday Donuts
Sat. 7/13- Championships with Pep Rally beforehand, eating at BW3's after
Monday 7/15 Banquet at 6:30
It's a very busy week ahead.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  We will get entries out tomorrow with a volunteer schedule for Mon. 
All Relays this year are at Championships only- we get 2 relays per age group- 2 for Free Relay and 2 for Medley- so potential for 12 swimmers per gender per age group.  It is important for swimmers to be available for relays if necessary.  We will know those relays the day after Qualifications.  If your child is not available for a relay on Championship Day, please let us know.  Thank You.
Your GlenOaks Swim Team Board


Division 1 Older Qualifications meet details‏ 

We have received the information for Douglas Hills about tomorrow.  Our warm up time is designated for 4:15- 4:30- all lanes of the  pool.  Please arrive no later than 4:00 at our designated location on the map below.  It looks like we will be in the front on the asphalt so bring chairs to sit in.  All volunteers will need to check in with me, Karen Bowman to sign in or another designated Board Member.  We will have a table set up for apparel sales and volunteer check in.  We are attaching the official Heat Sheet and Volunteer Schedule as well as a Psych Sheet.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  The weather should hold out tomorrow and it will be a great meet.  Meet start time is tomorrow promptly at 5:00 pm.  See you soon and Go Gators!

The meet information for Wed Qualifications will come in a separate email.  Thanks.


Attached is an artist's rendering of the pool and surrounding area, that hopefully will be workable enough for everyone to follow.


Several things to note:

There will be a drop off area for swimmers and equipment in front of the clubhouse, parking in this area will be very limited.


There will be a specific parking area for coaches and officials (officials only please, not all volunteers).  This area is labeled on the map, and is next to three of the team areas in order to limit the amount of traffic movement around the swimmers.


Many of your families have been to DH and are used to parking around Gatehouse Lane, which is the road that runs in a circle around the pool, park, etc.  The city prefers that we fill up all available parking at Crosby Middle School before parking around Gatehouse, so please advise your families that there will be parking (with attendants to direct cars) at Crosby.  Any parking around Gatehouse should be done nose-in please, not parallel to the road.


IF IT RAINS CONSIDERABLY DURING THE DAY, or is raining when you arrive, please DO NOT park around Gatehouse.  The normal grassy parking area around Gatehouse is also a drainage route, and will be soft and muddy if we receive more rain Monday.  Additional parking areas on the streets around Gatehouse are shown on the map:  families may park on both sides of Whiteheath Lane, but only on the "inbound" side of Tattenham Lane.


Please advise your families not to park OR DRIVE in the field between Crosby and the pool.


The various team areas have been numbered on the map and map legend, and wil be roped off to help everyone understand where to set up.  We've attempted to keep everyone as close to the pool as possible while allowing you room to walk, hear, be comfortable, and have a great time.


My understanding of the warm-up times is below, based on random draw at the last LSA meeting.  Each team will have roughly 15-18 minutes in the pool, and will have use of all 6 lanes during that time.

BW@3:30   DH@3:45  PV@4:00  GO@4:15  SH@4:30



Everyone please have fun and be safe, good luck!





Blessing in a Backpack- swim a thon‏‏


We wanted to let everyone know of our final totals from our Swim A Thon.  Our team continues to amaze us!  We collected $4162 to give to Blessings in a Backpack for Englehard Elementary.  Wow!  Thank you to eveyone! 
Our final top 3 givers which are awarded with a free pizza at Glen Oaks are-
Sarah Black- $450
Paige VonFeldt- $320
Emma Fawbush- $265
Please see me for your gift certificate.  Congratulations! 
We had 105 swimmers participate in the swimming portion and we swam 84 miles.  Thank you again and we look forward to next year!
Your GlenOaks Swim Team Board

Time Trials


We have had some questions about the Time Trials-
Our first priority is going to be the swimmers that have not qualified and want to qualify.  Next, we will open up the extra lanes to swimmers that want to swim an event they have only swam once or have not swam in a while.  So please sign up at practice this morning or email us.
Secondly, we need volunteers to make this happen.  We need 2 timers per lane and 2 stroke and turn judges and a starter.  I will run the computer.  If you have signed up a swimmer, we have to assume you will be a timer. 
Thank you and we look forward to tomorrow. 
Your GlenOaks Swim Team Board


Qualification report and time trials and next weeks schedule‏

Hello everyone-  We wanted to share an interesting report.  This is everyone's best times and next their name it tells whether they qualified.  We are attempting to get everyone in events this Monday that are either close, have no time for an event or has only swam an event once (if enough spaces allow).  We can find the Div 1 Qualification times for you to look at here. 
We also decided as a board last night to host a Time Trial next Wed, July 3rd.  This Time Trial is for any swimmer that has not qualified in certain event(s).  This is not for the swimmers that have already qualified and just want to better their time.  It will run next Wed morning from 10 am - 11 am.  We will have a sign up sheet to sign in the binder box and swimmers can choose up to 3 events.  You must sign up by Tuesday evening to be in this Timed Trial event.  Here is the schedule of events next week-
Monday, July 1- regular AM practice
Tuesday, July 2- regular PM practice
Wed, July 3- 8:30- 9:30 am- 11 and over  practice
                      9:00- 10:00 am 7- 10 year olds practice
                     10-11 am- Time Trial event
                     11-11:30 6 and under practice
                      6:45-7:30 pm 7 and under Mystery practice
                      7:30-8:30 pm 8-10 year old Mystery practice
                      11:00 pm- 12:00 am- 2nd Annual Midnight Mystery practice for 11 and olders
No Practice Thursday, July 4th
Friday, July 5- regular Friday AM practice with Reward Cart and Donuts

Your GlenOaks Swim Team Board 



Dive in Movie this Friday Night‏ 


Please come join us: 

WHEN:  this Friday, June 28th

WHERE: Glen Oaks Pool 

TIME: 8:00 PM 

Movie Selection: Parental Guidance 

It’s a BYOB & BYOF event!

(bring your own beverage and float)

Popcorn will be provided! 

Please contact Danielle Hardy with any questions: 502-744-7702


Practice Change‏! 


We have not heard officially if we can get in the pool this morning, but I am not forseeing a problem.  We will let you know if we here otherwise.  The storms look like they are out of here for now though also.
There is an immediate practice change starting tonight for all night practices here on out. 
6:45- 7:30 pm all 7 year olds and under
7:30- 8:30 pm all 8-10 year olds
8:00- 9:00 pm all 11 and olders
Sorry for any inconveniences and we hope this works with everyone's schedule. 
This is another reminer that all changes for Monday's meet and Intentions for Qualifications week are due this morning.  Thank you. 


Barb Letterle is helping me with collecting the order forms for the LSA Championship tshirts- thank you Barb.  She will be at practice tonight and tomorrow morning collecting the orders.  If she happens to miss you, she is placing a folder to put in the binder box.  Please make checks GOCC Swim Team and we will write one check to the LSA.  All orders need to be in by 11:45 am tomorrow (Wed).  When filling out your order form, please put your swimmers name somewhere on the form.  Thank you so much. 

LSA Championship T-Shirts
LSA never gives us alot of time to get orders- but here goes.  LSA Championsip Tshirts are for sale this week only.  Please preorder yours this week by turning in the form attached.  They are $10 a piece and will have all LSA swimmers names on the back with the LSA Champs logo on the front.  The tshirts are white and are always a favorite for verteran swimmers.  Thank you and sorry for the quick turn around.
You will find two documents here
1)  LSA Team T-shirt Order Form
2)  LSA 2013 t-shirt Logo.
I would like to get as many Divisions' orders to my t-shirt printer on Wednesday afternoon, if possible. 
Who can be the first Division to get me BOTH the Rosters AND the orders?  Ready. . . Set. . . GO!!!




Congratulations eveyone!  We had a beautiful night with some great swimming.  We won our dual meet against Lake Forest and more speeding tickets to hand out.  If you are wondering about the X next to some swimmers names- they were not disqualified.  It means they swam Exhibition.  Lake Forest hosted, so we had to follow their rules.  We both wanted extra heats in certain events to let more swimmers swim, but they made us mark the 3rd heat exhibition.  Your swimmers time stills counts and we apologize for any disappointments in ribbons. 
Please make sure your intentions are in the binder for next Monday- our last regular season dual meet and home meet for the Gators- our Annual Pirate Meet.  It will be so much fun.  Also, please go ahead and let us know your intentions for Qualifications and Championships.  This year, LSA has decided to automatically send 2 relays to Championships- so we need all of our swimmers ready for Champs. 
This Friday night is our Annual Dive In Movie Night at the pool.  More information will be coming on that- but it is always alot of fun.  Go Gators!
Your GlenOaks Swim Team Board


Team Records broken- Congratulations!

We have some team record broken to celebrate!
Jaxon Panariello has broken 2 records- 7-8 boys 25 freestyle held since 2010 by Holden Bowlds (18.83) with a new time of 18.40 at our GO Intrasquad Meet
and the 7-8 boys 50 freestyle held by Andrew Nunley since 2011 (42.96) smashed with a new time of 39.63 at the Plainview meet!  Congratulations Jaxon!
Asia Seidt has also broken 2 individual records- 15-18 girls 50 backstroke held since 2007 by Marissa McGlynn (33.33) with a new time of 31.41 at t-he Plainview meet and 15-18 girls 50 freestyle held by Maddie Day since 2008 (29.91) with a new time of 29.30 at the GO Intrasquad meet.  Congratulations Asia!
We have 3 relays that have broken times-
11-12 boys free relay broke a record held since 2010 (2:20.79) by Misha Semenov, Ben Carpenter, Logan Cooksey and Jakson Wine- with a new time of 2:20.39 swam by Nathan Skrodzki, Mark Ge, Nicholas Neumann and Pierce Walker.  Congratulations boys!
15-18 girls medley relay broke a time held last year by Emma Brazueau, Katie Walker, Melissa Nettle and Anne Sherer (2:28.22) with a new time of 2:21.77 swam by Asia Seidt, Katie Walker, Emma Brazeau and Anne Scherer. 
Also the 15-18 girls freestyle relay broke last years record (2:12.04) held by the same girls with a new time of 2:09.83 also swam by Anne Scherer, Katie Walker, Emma Brazeau and Asia Seidt.  Congratulations girls!
We expect more records to be broken as the year progresses.  We have some great swimmers out there that are only getting better!
Your GlenOaks Swim Team Board 



Swim a Thon for Blessing in a Backpack‏ 

Wow!  What a wonderful, beautiful and meaningful morning we had.  We had 105 swimming participants swim approximately 84 miles!  We had 38 swimmers swim at least a mile.  We had 10 swimmers swim at least 2 miles.  Sarah Black led the way with 82 laps or a little over 2 1/2 miles.  Noah Black swam 70 laps which is almost 2.2 miles and Caroline Bowman swam 65 laps which is a little over 2 miles.  Congratulations. 
We have had 54 swimmers contribute to Blessings in a Backpack so far- we know more are coming in.  The leading givers were the VonFeldt family collecting $320.  The Bowman family was next collecting $210 and the Meadows family and Saylors families each giving $200.  Congratulations to you!  In all, so far we are set to collect (including outstanding pledges) $2555. Wow!   We have already surpassed last year!  We are so proud of our Gator family for giving and participating to such a worthy cause.  We will still continue to collect for Englehard Elementary and Blessings through next week, so try to continue to bring in those pledges.  We will update you on our total next week. 
Thank you to Sharalea Bollinger for leading our team for this great event- Gentry Easley, Stephanie Mitchell, Allison Maher, Karen Bowman and Holly Murphy.  Thank you to Jeff Holbrook and his helpers Brandon Greenwald and Noah Black for their great microphone voices!  Thanks to all those who donated prizes (Laura Ehrman with Thirty One gifts and Robbyie Wine with Shively Sporting Goods) and for those who picked up donated prizes.  Also, thank you to Glen Oaks for letting us use the pool and to Papa Johns for giving us half price pizzas.  We hope you had a wonderful time!
Your GlenOaks Swim Team Board



Swim A Thon 

We wanted to remind you that the Swim A Thon is this Friday. Please start collecting pledges today. This is to benefit Blessings in a Backpack and Engelhard Elementary. Everyone is invited to swim in this event- parents, swimmers, siblings, friends. Any kind of swimming is accepted- even just kicking. 64 lengths is 1 mile! Let's see how far we can swim. Can we get past King's Island with our miles? We will have music, door prizes, a jumpy and a pizza party after the event! It will be a great time for all and will benefit a great cause. We are in need of lap counters. Please sign up with SignUp Genius to help.

Thank you in advance!
Your GlenOaks Swim Team Board

Congratualations Gators!

For the second year in a row- the Gators have beat Plainview! Congratulations!
We received 2 great compliments last night. One was from our starters- age group parents, you did a tremendous job lining the kids up early and having them ready. The meet went fast and ran smoothly.
The second compliment was from Bob Dye- our neighborhood president. Everyone abided by the rules last night for parking and we had no neighbors complain- which is huge. So a big thank you for a job well done.
On another note- we might have to monitor the bathrooms a little better. Some youngters think it is funny to put stuff down the toilets and to play with some gross stuff- which makes for the volunteers cleaning up not very happy. Thank you to Derek Payne and Brad Bowman for cleaning the bathrooms last night. We love you!

Ribbons should be in the box tonight!
Our lost and found is growing quickly- please check to see if you left anything from the Luau or last night. We have shoes, chairs, bags, towels, clothes, cups, etc. Thanks.
Your GlenOaks Swim Team Board


We wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Danielle Hardy and Jenna Timmering for such a wonderful evening Friday night. The Luau was such a huge success and we hope everyone had a fantastic time. What a great way to kick off our season. We also want to thank Joe Gilbert and Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield for helping sponsor the event and ValuMarket for doing a wonderful job on the food. It was delicious.
The Lost and Found did get some additional items after the Luau- lots of towels, goggles and clothes. Please check the lost and found for any of your lost items.
Also, please check your swimmers tshirts. We have several missing so we are afraid some have picked up more than one accidentally. Please turn in any extras to any board member. We also have a missing silver coin purse that had our practice coins in it- please turn in if you find it. Thank you.
If you still owe for the Luau, please turn in to any board member. We have a lot of outgoing cash for that night and it was well worth it.


 Backpack Swim-a-thon

The Blessings in a Backpack Swim-a-thon is approaching. Please set your calendar for June 14 at the Glen Oaks pool. Our goal is to help Englehard Elementary supply food for the children who may not have food at home on the weekends! The money we raise will go directly to Englehard to purchase those nonperishable food items. Last year we raised over $2000. Let's see if we can surpass that! We will collect money the day of our Swim a Thon.

See below about Englehard and pictures of the Blessing in a Backpack's program.
Engelhard students participating in the federal lunch program, receive breakfast and lunch each day school is in session. However, due to a variety of factors, many children have little to eat on the weekends. The Blessings in a Backpack program, which was established by Kentucky Harvest, provides food for weekend meals for the students. Kentucky Harvest works with Meijer’s to purchase food and deliver it to the school. On Fridays, students receive a bag of easy to prepare food for their weekend meals. For the 50 students involved in the pilot program, Friday attendance has improved. When children are in school, learning improves!
Please see attached pledge form and letter. We look forward to seeing our GOCC Swimmers on Friday, June 14th!
Would you be willing to bring gatorade or water for our swimmers? Or know a business that would donate small prizes for our swimmers for participating? Our goal is to give all of our swimmers a token of appreciation for giving to the community. Please let us know what you can do to help us or write it in the social binder in the coaches box. Thank you for your support.
We wanted to remind you of a few deadlines tomorrow.
All corrections in the meet sign out binder need to be made no later than tomorrow morning (Wed). If you emailed me with corrections, I have NOT corrected it. I am getting 100 emails a day and I simply can not remember all of this. Also, please mark in the binder if you have a special request- this is your best way to communicate. We simply can not handle the amount of changes we had for this last meet. If your child is iffy on attending- baseball, etc, let us know so we do not put them in a relay. The binder is in the coaches box and will be out at practice tonight and tomorrow morning. Thank you.
PICTURES ARE TOMORROW! This is a reminder that team pictures are tomorrow. Please come ready with your picture form and payment- credit card or checks written to Craig Paul Studio. Individual pictures start at 4:30 pm. Team pictures are promptly at 6:30 pm across the street from the parking lot along the golf course- please so do not be late.
Lastly, RSVP's for LUAU on Friday night need to be done by tomorrow (Wed). You should have received an EVite to respond to. We want to make sure we do not run out of food. We have ALOT of people coming to help us celebrate the beginning of the swim season and it should be a lot of fun. Please come prepared with either cask or check written to Glen Oaks Swim Team for $20 per family if your RSVP'd. We will have a catered meal by ValuMarket, a DJ with music and games, pool fun and dessert. Come dressed in your best Luau attire.


Swim Team pictures on Wednesday, June 5‏ 

We will take the team photo across the street from the club with the golf course as a back drop promptly at 6:30.  Individual photos will begin at 4:30 pm.  We need some volunteers to help with collecting forms, money and helping line people up- please email if you can volunteer.  We have had nobody offer to help and it is not a difficult job.  Thank you. 


We wanted everyone to put on their calendars our Kick Off Luau party next Friday night, June 7th at 6:30 pm.  There will be a catered meal with a cost of $20 per family.  We will be getting an EVite out shortly to get RSVP's for correct food quantities.  It is going to be an awesome night, so make your plans to attend now.
Our first Friday practice tomorrow will include our Reward Cart- so bring your coins to spend!  We have all new stuff on our cart and you just might find something you like.  Also, tomorrow is our first Friday donut day.  Yum!
Lastly, we have some Pampered Chef catalogs in our file box on the coaches table if you want to take a look for our fundraiser.  Laurie will also set up a table set up at our meet on Monday with some sample products.   


Pampered Chef Fundraiser‏ 

The pool has officially opened and soon we will be at our first swim meet!  It's a great time of year and I am looking forward to the swim team season!

The Pampered Chef fundraiser is also underway.  Please consider placing your orders soon!   All the ordering information is outlined in the attached flier.

Remember, the first 10 families to order will receive a FREE cookbook with their order  - there are still a few cookbooks left, so order today and claim yours!  Also, the fundraiser is open to anyone.  If you have a friend or family member who loves Pampered Chef, please pass this fundraiser info on to them - our goal is to raise as much money as possible for the team!

Have a great weekend !  Hope to see you at the pool.  Go Gators!


Practice starting Tuesday!

Please check hand out part for latest group information. 

And parents please turn in your forms. We have about half turned in- thank you to those that have.


 Our Swim-A-Thon is set for the morning of June 14th.  We swim and raise money to help Englehard Elementary and Blessings in a Backpack.  We are looking for ways to motivate our swimmers to participate, swim and raise alot of money.  What better way than to give prizes to all swimmers that participate along with Grand Prizes for who raises the most money and who swims the most laps.  We are looking for corporate sponsors that would be willing to donate prizes or the money to buy the prizes.  If you know of someone willing to help, please let us know.  We are in the process of planning this wonderful event to give back to the community.  Thank you in advance.


We will have 2 dry land practices before our regular swim season starts. The first dry land practice will be at the Glen Oaks Country Clu