Temescal Canyon High - TITAN PRIDE!: Campus Clubs

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FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)



Titan Cycling / Mountain Bike Racing

Find a Club for you at TCHS:

Club Name                             Advisor                Room #

Academic Decathlon                          Mrs. Loftquist             Room 563

American Sign Language                   Mrs. Bonovich            Room 808

Anime Club                                        Mr. Reiger                   Room 811

Art Fusion                                          Ms. Swift                     Room 401

ASB (Associate Student Body)          Mrs. Strange                Room 809

AVID Club                                        Mrs. Ogden                  Room 823

Baking Club                                      Mrs. Johnson                Room

Band (Titan Thunder Regiment)                Mr. Donohue                Room 168

Blue Hole                                          Mrs. Brust                    Room 553  

CSF (California Scholarship Federation)   Mrs. Nagy, Ms. Harris        Room 571/575

Cheer                                                 Mrs. McKenzie            Room 573

Child Development                           Mrs. Parks                    Room 801

Debate                                               Mr. Lovingood             Room

ESEA (Exclusive Society for Art Exploration)         Mr. Reiger                    Room 811

Fashion Design Club                        Mrs. Gallagher              Room 905

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)    Mr. Strange, Mrs. Brust      Room 803

HMCA (Health & Medical Careers Academy)           Mrs. Nelson                  Room 816

Home Front                                          Mrs. Brust                  Room 573

HOSA (Health Occupations of America)        Mr. Cox                      Room 903

Interact Club                                        Mrs. Ogden                Room 823

Job Club                                               Ms. Osborne              Room 813

K.A.R.E. (Kindness Always Reaches Everyone)           Mrs. Bonovich           Room 808

Link Crew                                            Mrs. Carter                 Room 566

Metal Club                                           Mr. Parks                    Room 904/906

Mock Trial                                           TBD                                                                                                                

Motor Sports / Motocross Club            Mr. Parks                   Room 904/906                             

NHS (National Honor Society)            Mrs. Lambert             Room 568

Newspaper                                            Mrs. Loftquist            Room 563

PLUS                                                    Ms. Fink                     Room 612

Renaissance                                          Mrs. Strange               Room 809

Social Butterfly Club                            Mrs. Diaz                   Room 502

Stagecraft                                              Ms. Olsen                   Room (Drama)

Student Venture / English                     Ms. Cohen, Mr. Sands     Room 715, 562

Student Venture / Spanish                     TBD                                  

Titan Cycling (Mountain Bike Racing)       Mr. Parks                   Room 904/906

Titan R/C                                              Mr. Parks                    Room 904/906

Titan TV                                               Mrs. Brust                   Room 553

Titan Thunder Regiment (Band)          Mr. Donohue              Room 168

Yearbook                                              Mrs. Brust                   Room 553

Don't see what you're looking for... don't worry...we have a lot more than what is listed above OR you can start  your own club:

All clubs, teams and organizations must meet the following requirements:
- have an adult certificated staff member oversee the club
- have a written club constitution which includes rules and bylaws for membership, meetings, gpa, etc.
- approval from ASB and TCHS Administration

Contact Mrs. Strange (ASB Director) Room 809 (House of Bluez) for more information about forming a club.