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Sunday, February 2

Tuesday, March 7
2017 Dates to Remember

General Meetings

Tuesday March 7th at the Bunting club

Monday April 10th at the Tewksbury LL Building

Interpritation Meetings

Saturday March 25th at the Dracut American Legion 

Monday April 3rd at the Tewksbury LL Building


Please remember to be in good standing on the borad you must attending one of each kind of meeting



Saturday September 23rd at the Dracut American Legion

Tuesday, March 7
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Tuesday, March 7
2017 Tournaments

Mike Allosso assigns all tournament games. You will need to join the Arbiter to get tournament games. The Arbiter charges a $10 fee to use thier site. 

Month  Dates  Location  Age Group Name 
May 12th-14th Chelmsford  12u/12u/14u  Mother's Day
  19th-21st Tewksbury  12u/14u  Think Pink  
  26th-28th  Lowell  12u/14u  Memorial Day 
June  2nd-4th  Lowell  14u  Bob Charpentier 
  2nd-4th  Billerica  12u  Billerica Bratz 
  9th-11th  Tewksbury  10u/16u  Think Pink  
  9th-11th  Lowell  18+  Never Quit 
  16th-18th  Lowell  12u/14u  1st Porky's Roast 
  23rd-25th  Lowell/ Chelmsford  TBD Polar Crush
  30th-7/2 Lowell  14A States
  30th-7/2 Chelmsford  14B States
  30th-7/2 Tewksbury 14C States
 July 7th-9th Lowell 14u  All American (games run all day friday) 
  14th-16th Lowell 16u  All American (games run all day friday)
  21st-23rd  Lowell  18u  All American (games run all day friday) 
  21st-23rd  Tewksbury  10c/12c/14c  Boston Open Championship 
  28th-30th  Lowell  12u/14u/16u  Almost End of Summer 
Aug  4th-6th Lowell  12u/14u/16u  Porky's Last Roast 
  11th-13th  Tewksbury  10u/12u/14u/16u  End of Summer 
  18th-20th  Billerica  14u  Billerica Bratz 
  18th-20th  Lowell  16u  Diehards 
Sept  13th-14th  Chelmsford  12u/14u  Fall Classic Invitational