10th Anniversary of Glendale Basketball.com: Glendale Basketball News: What does it take to be a Glendale Falcon?

What does it take to be a Glendale Falcon?


The basketball program at Glendale High School is designed to provide a recreational outlet for those involved, to encourage and develop sportsmanlike conduct, a winning attitude and spirit, a desire for hard work and the willingness to accept a challenge, and the further fundamental preparation for competition at both the local and state level, with the emphasis on classroom accomplishment and school involvement to realize and promote the student-athlete concept.

1. Be A Good Person
2. Be A Good Student
3. Love The Game
4. Accept A Challenge
5. Never Quit
6. Be Unselfish
7. Be Positive
8. Put The Team First
9. Play Hard

is a hard working, talented young man with high spirits, high hopes, and a deep loyalty to the Columbia and Scarlet. He believes in ideals, He is constantly striving for perfection. He knows the value of an education and is preparing himself for the future. He is thankful to his Maker for his talent, his environment, and his opportunities. He appreciates his teammates and respects his coaches. He has a deep sense of values and competes in the game of life as well as in the game of athletics. He knows where he has been and understands where he is going. He is humble, yet he is proud. He never quits and is never defeated...in his eyes the clock only stopped. He is the idol of school children and the envy of the area...and would do nothing to taint those images. And most importantly, someday he'll tell others that many of the best times of his life were when he wore a basketball uniform with the word 'GLENDALE' across the chest.