Saturday, February 15

HISTORY OF AMERICAN LEGION BASEBALL: American Legion Baseball is one of the most successful and tradition-rich amateur athletic leagues in America. The program got its start in Milbank, South Dakota on July 17, 1925, by action of the South Dakota Department of The American Legion. It was expanded nationally later that year, and the first national tournament (involving teams from 16 states) was held in 1926. Today, the program registers more than 5,400 teams in all 50 United States, including Canada and Puerto Rico. Through the years, more than 10 million young men have played on American Legion teams. Nationally, American Legion Baseball is divided into eight regions, each with numerous state programs. Each region holds an annual tournament, with the tournament winner advancing to the American Legion Baseball World Series in Shelby, North Carolina.


HISTORY OF POST 42 AMERICAN LEGION BASEBALL: Post 42 American Legion Baseball in Gillette, Wyoming has been offering young people the chance to play baseball for over 80 years. The program prides itself in producing young men of great character both on and off the field. In 1990, a group of volunteers help build Hladky Memorial Stadium, the current home to Post 42 Legion Baseball. The program has won two State Championships in 2008 and 2014. The Rustlers also won a "B" State Title in 2014. Today their are 5 teams; Riders, Rustlers, Renegades, JR Riders Black, JR Riders Red (grades 7-12) and over 70 players in the Post 42 Legion Baseball program. They play hundreds of games each spring/summer throughout the region. 



  Riders Baseball Player Challenge

 It is enjoyable year in and year out to be around a groupof young men who sacrifice so much in order to promote their team and program.We love our baseball players here and have very high expectations of everyindividual that comes through our program.

We are very disciplined in what we do and make no secret ofthis. A player that does not work hard or commit to what we are doing will notbe one of ours. Our appearance on and off the field is very important. Apositive image must be upheld.

Thus it becomes a challenge to play Riders Baseball. If youwant to be treated as a prima donna, complain because the official scorer didnot award you a hit, throw equipment in frustration and begin all of yoursentences with the word “I,”-- may I suggest you choose another program.

However, if you want to play in a strong program and be atop contender for National American Legion Tournament play, be with a group oftalented and classy people, play a strong schedule on a good facility, havegood coaching, sacrifice like you never have before, and more importantly, getbetter, then come meet the challenge in the Riders Baseball program.


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