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Tuesday, July 1
Gilbert Dixie Youth Baseball

"Don't let the fear of striking out hold you back" Babe Ruth 


GDYB's "O"Zone team is HEADED TO THE WORLD SERIES!! The World Series Tournament Bracket has been added to our Handouts page.

Check out My Site News and our Facebook page for very exciting news regarding Gilbert Dixie Youth's postseason. 

Don't forget to head out to support all our Gilbert teams during post season play.  You can see tournament start dates on our website Calendar.  We will also keep everyone updated on our Facebook page as each team advances through post season tournament play.



Game schedules can be found by clicking our the "Calendar" or "Schedules" tabs to the left of this page. 

If you want to join our mass email database, you can set up an account at  Doing this will allow you to receive periodic email updates as we get closer to our registration dates (Fall coming in August), events and other reminders throughout the year.  You can also "Like" us on Facebook at Gilbert Dixie Youth Baseball.


Lexington County Council has APPROVED, among other projects, a much-needed addition to our Gilbert-Summit Senior Center and a new baseball complex in Gilbert.  Thanks to everyone who spoke out and showed up at the meeting to evidence your support!

Check our My Site News page for more information.


If you are interested in financially supporting the youth baseball players in Gilbert with new equipment, field improvements, etc., please contact us today by email at  Only with the help of our sponsors and advertisers can we provide the number of services, equipment and tools needed to help keep our Community's kids on the ball field.  Please consider helping us financially.

GDYB thanks all our Sponsors and Advertisers for all they do to support our league and its players!!  Please visit our Sponsors page to view business and contact information for our Sponsors.  Sponsor names are posted on team jerseys, and Advertisers have banners posted on the outfield fences of our playing fields.  Please consider utilizing the services offered by GDYB's Sponsors and Advertisers.  We greatly appreciate each of them!!

Get a hint of our website's success by checking out the hit clicker at the lower left hand portion of this page.  Over 191,000 hits and counting since this page's inception in Fall 2010!  

Lexington County Regulations PROHIBIT SMOKING at their facilities, which includes the grounds and all events at Gilbert Dixie Youth Baseball's complex.  Anyone found to be smoking within the grounds of our facilities must be asked to leave immediately.  It is EVERYONE's responsibility to keep our kids safe and healthy!

GDYB asks that all patrons of our park please help us maintain a clean environment for our children.  Coaches and players are asked to clean up your dugout after each practice and game so the next team does not have to clean up your mess.  Numerous trash cans can be found located throughout our Park.  Please exercise good citizenship by helping us keep our grounds clean of trash.  THINK GREEN!!!

View important documents, such as GDYB By Laws, registration forms and sponsor information, by clicking on "Handouts".

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