Gilbert Dixie Youth Baseball: Welcome

Friday, March 27
Gilbert Dixie Youth Baseball

"Don't let the fear of striking out hold you back" Babe Ruth


Hope you know who your team's sponsor is!  Team names on our Calendar and game Schedules have changed to help promote our sponsors even more this season!


Coach Pitch - new make-up week games posted.

Minors - New games posted 3/27.

Teeball and CAP - make-up week games are scheduled beginning March 30.


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GDYB thanks all our Sponsors and Advertisers for all they do to support our league and its players!!  Please visit our Sponsors page to view business and contact information for our Sponsors.  Sponsor names are posted on team jerseys, and Advertisers have banners posted on the outfield fences of our playing fields.  Please consider utilizing the services offered by GDYB's Sponsors and Advertisers.  We greatly appreciate each of them!!

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Lexington County Regulations PROHIBIT SMOKING at their facilities, which includes the grounds and all events at Gilbert Dixie Youth Baseball's complex.  Anyone found to be smoking within the grounds of our facilities must be asked to leave immediately.  It is EVERYONE's responsibility to keep our kids safe and healthy!

View important documents, such as GDYB By Laws, registration forms and sponsor information, by clicking on "Handouts".

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Mon 4/6 star SPRING BREAK All Day
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