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Monday, November 3
HSC Annual Meeting November 12th-Nominations for positions needed by November 9th

November 12, 2014 - HSC Annual Meeting


Nominations for new positions are needed by November 9th.  The positons for Vice President and Secretary are two positions that we will need to fill during our elections on November 12th.  If you have anyone that you would like to nominate please send an e-mail to John Kenna at





Every board term will last a period of two (2) years.  The Vice President and Secretary will be elected on the even years.  The current Vice President John Kenna shall become the President and the President shall become the Immediate Past President.  Below are a list of duties tied to the positions.



The duties of the Vice-President shall include the following:

a.       Perform the duties of the President in the event of the latter’s absence or disability.

b.      Preside as chairperson of the grievance and the rules committees.

c.       Handle the nominates for officers at the annual meeting

d.      Run the election of officers at the annual meeting.

 Other duties are:

a.       Set up and organize the Field Marshall, set up and take down of equipment at the fields.

b.      Web site – to work with the following pages: Home Page and other pages that might tie to projects that this position has taken on.


John Kenna will take some time to review this position and duties with the newly voted in nominee to make the turn over smooth. 



The duties of the Secretary shall include the following:

a.       Keep the publish minutes of all meetings.

b.      Give proper notice of all meetings.

c.       Sign all document requiring the signature of the secretary.

d.      Perform such other duties as usually pertain to the office of secretary.

Work with and guide the Communications Director with the Web site, Facebook, and Google G-Mail account

Set up Registration Forms.

Set up the Donation Forms and any other paperwork needed.

 Other duties are:

a.       Duties may tie into activities that you participate in or volunteer to lead.


Debora Carpenter will take some time to review this position and duties with the newly voted in nominee to make the turn over smooth. 


If you or someone that you know

are interested in either of these positions

please send your nomination

into the current Vice President

John Kenna via e-mail at


If you have any questions John can be contacted at (402)350-7827.

Monday, November 3
Heartland Soccer Club's Annual Meeting - November 12, 2014



November 12, 2014 - HSC Annual Meeting


We would like to invite everyone to our HSC Annual Meeting.


During this meeting we will be covering the following:

·        Acknowledging and Presenting a Plaque to all Past Board Members  (Photos will be taken)

·        We would like to also take photos of all Coaches from our 2014 Fall Season.

·        Along with Photos of the Current Board.

·        All Board Members will present a report for the past year.

·        We will Vote for a NEW Vice President & Secretary (Please send in your nominations to by November 9th.  We need your HELP!)

o   All Current Coaches, along with all Board Members have one eligible vote during this election.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at 7:00pm

At Central Catholic High School


Wednesday, October 8
Indoor Soccer information - Deadlines are soon

Attached is the link with information on Indoor Soccer   (.pdf version)

 Link for the City of Grand Island Fieldhouse


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