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Monday, January 12
Spring Session 2015


Greetings, everyone! I hope everyone's 2015 is off to a great start!

I wanted to take a moment and update everyone on where we are at for Spring season. Spring registration will be open from FEBRUARY 1 TO FEBRUARY 28. A couple of reminders:

1. Spring registration can only be done VIA PAPER FORM. Online registration will not be available.

2. The registration form will be available on our website ( once registration opens. 3. The cost of Spring registration for those that did not register for the full year or for new players will be $55. This includes a full uniform for new players.

The rest of our Spring timeline will be as follows:

*A skills assessment for ALL NEW PLAYERS will be held between March 9 and March 11 (Exact dates/times to be determined).

*The first games will be played on SUNDAY, APRIL 12. We are playing on Sunday due to conflicts with the Heartland Athletic Conference final and the Race for Grace.

*The second week of games will be on SUNDAY, APRIL 19. We are playing on Sunday as our Islander boys' varsity soccer team will be playing in Omaha at the Creighton Prep tourney.

*Weeks 3 through 5 of the regular season will be played on Saturday, April 25, Saturday, May 2 and Saturday, May 9, respectively (barring inclement weather or other unplanned events.

*Week 6 (Monday, May 11 - Saturday, May 16) will be our postseason tournament. Please be advised that some divisions may play their first/second round games during the week.

Thanks so much for your continued support of our club, and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!


 Heartland Soccer Club would like to thank all previous board members for their hardwork and dedication to our growing soccer club!




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