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Friday, August 14

Now that Fall registration has closed, I would like to welcome all of you on behalf of Heartland Soccer!  We appreciate you making the decision to be part of our club, and we are confident you will be pleased with what we have to offer!

I'm sure many of you have questions on what happens next, so I would like to take this opportunity to give you an itinerary of upcoming events:

NEW PLAYER SKILLS ASSESSMENT: All first-time participants in our club, or anyone that did not participate last year, are asked to attend our skills assessment.  This year will be a change from previous years, as returning players from last year DO NOT need to attend.  We do this evaluation to assess each child on basic aspects of the game (dribbling, shooting, speed, and aggressiveness) to aid us in team formation, as we do our best to divide the teams as equally as possible in terms of skill for competitive balance purposes.  We will have two dates for this assessment, and YOU ONLY NEED TO ATTEND ONE OF THEM!  You can either attend the August 4 session at 5:30 PM, or the August 6 session at 5:30 PM.  Each session will be held at the Veterans' Complex at Eagle Scout Lake, which is also where games are played.

TEAM FORMATION: Once we have completed the new player skills assessment, the board will meet as soon as administratively possible to form teams.  This process will occur between Friday, August 7 and Sunday, August 9.  Once teams are formed, we will reach out to all coaches who have completed their KidSafe Disclosure Certification to provide rosters.  NO ROSTERS CAN BE PROVIDED TO ANY COACH WHO HAS NOT COMPLETED THIS DISCLOSURE.  We advise our coaches to contact parents as soon as possible.  As a courtesy to your child's coach as well as the board, please do not contact us prior to August 24 indicating you have not heard from your child's coach.

GAMES: All games are played on Saturday mornings (starting at 9 AM) and afternoons, when weather permits.  In the case of postponements, we will either make up the game on that Sunday, or on a subsequent Sunday.  In the case of inclement weather/postponements, please be assured we will communicate this on Facebook as soon as we know something.  If it's not on Facebook, we don't know anything yet  Winking face Again, games are played at the Veterans' Complex at Eagle Scout Lake.

The first games will be played Saturday, September 19.  The season will be six weeks.  Post-season tournaments are only played at the conclusion of Spring season.

PRACTICES:  This is a subject that we receive a lot of questions on.  Heartland Soccer Club does not dictate practice schedules to coaches, as they are the ones volunteering their time.  As this is the case, practices will be scheduled at the coach's discretion/convenience.  With this being said, we do ask that coaches make an effort to schedule at least one practice a week for U-8 divisions and older. 

UNIFORMS: We plan to have uniforms available for teams no later than one week prior to the first game.  Coaches will be contacted once uniforms are in, and they will be instructed to pick them up to distribute to players.

PLAYING TIME: Our rec league guidelines state that all players play as close to equal playing time as possible.  With this being said, please understand that coaches are human, and it can be difficult keeping track of players/playing time when focusing on the game.  If there is a consistent issue, you are welcome to contact the board to discuss this; however, in an isolated incident, please give your child's coach the benefit of the doubt.  If a discussion needs to be had with a coach, please do not do it during or immediately after a game.

SPORTSMANSHIP: Heartland Soccer Club places a significant emphasis on proper sportsmanship, not only from players but also from parents.  We ask for your help in providing good examples for our young athletes.  Please refrain from arguing with or yelling at referees/coaches, and please be positive toward your young athletes. 

A few additional points of note:

*All parents/fans are required to sit on the opposite sideline as the coaches/players, to minimize distractions and to allow coaches and players to focus on the game.  Additionally, all fans must be at least three feet from the sideline, as a courtesy to the linesperson as well as to help prevent potential injury.

*Pets are not allowed at the fields.  Even if your pet is the most well-behaved pet around, it creates a distraction for the kids who all want to pet it and play with it.  If you have relatives coming to the games, please advise them not to bring pets to the field.  Again, thank you for your cooperation.

I'm sure this communication didn't answer every single question; however, I hope you all find this information helpful.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thank you again for being a part of Heartland Soccer Club!  We are looking forward to another outstanding year!

Monty Ritchie
Club Registrar/Board Member
Heartland Soccer Club






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