Friday, April 5

Online registration for fall 2013 is open. Please scroll down and use the link below. 

  • The registration period is April 1, 2013 to May 31, 2013
  • Registration is still open. After May 31 a late fee applies
  • Registration fees are non-refundable
  • Players must be 4 years old on July 31, 2013 to be eligible
  • Registration is online only
  • The registration fee is $60.00 per player. Each additional player in a family is $55 per player ($5 discount)
  • Please print certificate and mail check to


PO Box 22

McAdoo, PA 18237

  • Payment must be received in order to activate registration
  • For issues or questions concerning registration e-mail , no phone calls please







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2013 Risk Management for Coaches and Volunteers

·       All coaches and volunteers must complete risk management


REFEREES, COACHES and PARENTS together have an enormous impact on the lives of thousands of youth soccer players in the United States. Each parent must be accountable for his actions and teach his own son or daughter to do the same. Referee's, coaches and parents form a trio of role models from which many of our young men and women learn behaviors that they will carry into adulthood. Cooperation, respect and maturity among the adults in soccer will encourage those qualities in the players. Please attend THE PRESEASON PARENT MEETING (your coach will contact you where and when).

If you feel you want to be involved in the program VOLUNTEER. Volunteer to coach. Volunteer to help the coach. Volunteer to become a referee. Volunteer to paint the lines on the field or help to set up equipment at the start of the season. We are all Volunteers and without our efforts the program does not exists. We need your help so become one of us so that the children can continue to play in a positive, fun experience. Your participation in the program is welcome. Indicate your willingness to participate on the registration form.

GHYSA would like to thank the vast majority of parents that support the goals, philosophy and spirit of our organization in creating a positive, fun environment for the children to learn the game of soccer. Unfortunately each year we have had a problem with a small group or isolated individuals that together do not understand the organizations philosophy and persist in creating a negative environment for our children. Greater Hazleton Youth Soccer Association has adopted the following position in order to provide a positive environment for all children involved as participants in the GHYSA soccer program. We are asking all parents to commit to supporting the GHYSA philosophy and below listed expectations. GHYSA philosophy can be view on our web site at

Parent who do not support the philosophy and expectation may effect their children's opportunity to participate in the program and may effect the parents opportunity to participate as a spectator. Violation incidents that are not supportive of the organizations philosophy and expectations will be investigated by the board of GHYSA.


1. Show respect to players, coaches, referee's, other parents and spectators. Expect your own children to be respectful. Support the coach’s and referee’s decisions. While their decisions might not always be agreeable to all participants and spectators, THEY ARE FINAL. No useful purpose is served by shouting disagreement or derogatory remarks. If you think you can do a better job we always need volunteers and you are welcome to become a referee or coach. Serious problems involving coaches or referees should be brought to the attention of the Age Group Commissioner after the game. A list of age group commissioners is on our web site under the League Officials section at

2. Recognize the commitment the coach has made verses whatever reason you have chosen not to help coach the team. The coach has made a commitment that involves many, many hours of preparation beyond the hours spent at practices and games. Recognize his commitment and the fact that he is NOT doing it because of the pay! Try to remember this whenever something goes wrong during the season. If you take issue with the way your coach is handling the team. Do not involve your children in the issue. It distracts them from learning. Rather discuss your issue with your coach in a non-public and in a non-threatening way as adults. Be supportive of your coach; Example: Be sure the player attends practices; Pick him/her up on time. Volunteer to help with what the coach ask. Encourage fair play at the game, practice and at home. Attend games and practice. Soccer is a team sport. The team needs your child's participation.

3. Cheer in a positive way or be quiet at games. Remain calm and have good manners. Do not make loud, offensive remarks. Do not emphasize winning rather encourage and appreciate effort. We want to stress having fun and learning soccer and good sportsmanship. Youth sports can be stressful to players and the last thing they need is a critic. Be a cheerleader for your child. Focus on the positive things they are doing and leave the correcting of mistakes to the coach. Let them know you support them without reservation regardless of how well they play. During games, leave the decisions to the players, coaches and referee's. Concentrate on praising other peoples children during games. Do not criticize other peoples or your own children it only produces negative emotions in the children and other parents. Smile, enjoy the game.

4. Help in keeping the field areas clean of trash. Remind your other guest to maintain our fields green and clean. If a litter problem is present we will have to line the children up and walk the field areas down to pick up trash either before or after the game. All GHYSA fields must be clean.