Green Hope Falcons Varsity Baseball: Team Rules

 1. The first unexcused absence from a practice or a game will result in the player receiving a three-day "in house" suspension from the team and a minimum one game suspension. The second unexcused absence from a practice or game will result in dismissal from the team. School suspensions count as unexcused absences.

2. In order to achieve a varsity letter, the athlete must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Appear in at least 12 games
  • Average at least one at bat for each game the team plays
  • Average at least one inning pitched for each game the team plays
  • Attend EVERY team practice and game (no unexcused or excused absences) 
** The head coach reserves the right to give special consideration to those who contribute to the team.

3. Any violation of the drug, alcohol, or tobacco policy will result in an immediate suspension from the Green Hope Baseball program.

4. Any altercations, gestures or classless acts committed by a Green Hope Baseball player will result in at least a one game suspension. Such behavior will not be tolerated and repeated offenses will result in dismissal from the team. It is important that we show respect for the opposing teams and fans.

5. All players must show respect for their teammates, their coaches, and the umpires. This includes, but is not limited to, "showing up" umpires, fighting with teammates, ignoring coaches' signs and/or instruction, and any verbal or physical abuse of team members. Such actions will NOT be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.

6. Varsity and junior varsity players are expected to wear Green Hope gear to practice (hat and shirt). Baseball pants or sweats should be worn at every practice. Hair should also be kept to a reasonable length and players should maintain a neat appearance.

7. Any player getting into trouble in school (i.e. ISS, OSS, or detention) will be disciplined to help prevent such occurrences. Players are responsible to inform the coach when receiving such school discipline.

8. Any player accused of a misdemeanor (other than a minor traffic violation) or felony must follow the GHHS code of conduct and inform the coach immediately.

9. All school and county rules and policies involving conduct and grades will apply. In addition, players having difficulties in the classroom may be asked to fill out progress reports, attend tutorials, or meet other requirements.