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Tuesday, October 11

Home fields located at the

J. Ben Harrill Recreation Complex - Holiday, FL

Previously named: Holiday Recreation Complex

 GHLL Field Status:

Open for T.O.C. teams only


Batting Cage Status: 


Last updated 5/26/15  8:30am


Note: Field status is up to the   

minute and updated with any change in status.

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Monday, July 21
What division will my children be signing up for?

One of the most common questions asked by parents is "What division will my children be signing up for?"  Below is the chart that shows the divisions of Little League Baseball at GHLL.  Little League International has just changed the age determination date for many of the players.  Please check the attached file to determine your players' league age


T-Ball League: Age 5 and 6
A Manager/Coach Pitch: League age 7
AA Machine/Kid Pitch: League age 8 
AAA Kid Pitch: League Age 9, 10 and 11, 
Major Division: League age 9, 10, 11 and 12
50/70 Division: League age 11, 12 and 13
Junior Division: League age 13 and 14
Senior Division: League age 14 (by request), 15 and 16  

Handout: League Age Determination

Wednesday, April 22
2015 General Membership Meeting

The league's annual general membership meeting is coming up on Saturday May 2nd at 3:30pm. This meeting is an important part of the operation of our league and we encourage all "General Members" to attend this meeting. General membership in the league is obtained in one of two ways. Any person who volunteers a minimum of 5 hours of time is automatically given general membership status. This is generally all managers, coaches, and team moms. The other way to become a general member is to pay the general membership fee of $5. We need a minimum of 25% of all general members to be in attendance at the meeting in order to hold the meeting. During the meeting, we will review the league's financials, approve the league's constitution for the 2015-2016 season and elect the board of directors for the 2015-2016 season. This also serves as an opportunity for the membership to ask questions regarding the operation of the league.

Friday, December 5
2015 Spring Registration

2015 Spring Baseball/Softball registration is upon us.  There will be only 2 registration dates for the spring season.  Please make sure to mark your calendars as any late signups will go on a waiting list.  


Registration Dates


Saturday January 3rd  10am-2pm
GHLL Concession Stand



Wednesday January 7th 6:30pm-8:30pm
GHLL Concession Stand 



Fee Structure


Tee Ball - A Division - AA Division   $135
AAA Division, Majors, Intermediate, Juniors, and Seniors $160


Intermediate division players may dual enrol with Majors or Juniors based on their age for $285 

Handout: 2014 Registration Forms

Wednesday, September 19
An Explanation of Field Status

GHLL wanted to explain to everyone the procedure regarding the Field Status for the 2014 Spring Season. Once the GHLL fields have been closed, the fields are closed for the remainder of that day. GHLL does not have the authority to reopen the fields. The closing of the fields is done by the Pasco County Rec Department and unfortunately, GHLL must obey their wishes. Understanding that the fields, sometimes seems repairable from the rain, the decision again, is made by the Pasco County Rec Department, which is who has the final say in the Field Status. Field Status will be communicated here on the GHLL Website and on Facebook once the information is received from the Pasco County Rec Department Personnel.  The status of batting cages will now be listed seperately as they are sometimes usable even though the fields are closed.  Please always be sure to watch the weather when using the cages to make sure that the conditions are safe for the kids to be there.   We hope this information is helpful to all families of GHLL, but if you should still have questions regarding the Field Status, always feel free to contact any of the GHLL Board Members.

Do you want to be a GHLL Umpire?

Do you want to be a GHLL Umpire? 

 If you are interested in being an umpire for the upcoming fall season, please contact the GHLL Chief Umpire, Mike Ritz at for further information.

Sunday, January 22
Auxiliary Committee


As the new  Fall season begins, GHLL is recruiting new members for the GHLL Auxiliary Committee.

The Auxiliary Committee is made up of volunteers that love to help out in several areas including the concession stand, field duties and other upcoming events.

 If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact our new Auxiliary Committee Coordinator  at 

 Thank you again for all your support!

Sunday, January 23
Updated Little League International information on the ban of composite bats

Please click on the INFORMATION link to the left for updated news from

Little League International.

Tuesday, January 25
Do You Need Help Buying Baseball Equipment?

Please see the "Equipment Article" under our Information link.  This information does not guarantee proper equipment.  It is only a tool to assist in purchasing your child's baseball gear.

Tuesday, September 1
GHLL Complex

The GHLL Fields are located behind the Holiday Recreation Complex off of Gulf Trace Blvd.  Gulf Trace Blvd. is West of U.S. 19 between Sunray and Moog Roads.  There is a McDonalds at the corner of Gulf Trace and U.S. 19 to use as a landmark to know where to turn.

After turning west off of US 19, follow Gulf Trace Blvd. past Gulf Trace Elementary.  Turn left at the Holiday Recreation Complex entrance and proceed to the back where the baseball fields are located. 

We have 6 fields at our complex.  3 fiekls with Little League Dimensions (60' bases, 44' pitching distance) that are used by our AA, AAA, and Majors Divisions.  1 field has full-size dimensions (90' bases, 60'6" pitching distance) and is shared by our Junior and Senior teams.  We also have two smaller fields that are used for our T-Ball and A divisions.

Our concession stand is open for all GHLL scheduled practices and games.  GHLL Teams are assigned practice times by the League President.  No practices that are unassigned and not approved by the President of our League are allowed.  Non-GHLL affiliated organizations and individuals that wish to use the fields must reserve them through the Pasco County Parks Department and meet any and all requirements asked of them by the county. 

GHLL has been a proud host of teams throughout our area in many District 12 events and tournaments.  Most recently, we hosted the District 12 Majors All-Star Tournament during the Summer of 2009!


Click here to see the League Boundaries for GHLL and our neighboring leagues


Wednesday, April 22
Spring AAA 2015

Thursday, April 23
Spring 2015 Junior Championship

Tuesday, April 27
GHLL Mission Statement

Greater Holiday Little League
Mission Statement

  GHLL is an organization of volunteers committed in service to our community’s youth. 
Our purpose is to provide a safe and healthy environment for children to develop
qualities of discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship while instilling virtues of
character, courage, and loyalty so they will grow to be good, decent, healthy and
trustworthy citizens.

Through positive role modeling GHLL will provide an outlet of activity while building
the confidence of each participant.  Our youth will gain baseball skills and remain
competitive while having fun.  Our core goal is to develop and enrich the lives of our
youth through their Little League experience.

Saturday, May 2
Spring Majors 2015