Friday, January 14
Minor League Rules


Significant/ Special Rules –Minor League 

1.       A forfeit will be called if one team has less than nine ( 9 )  players.  Coach Pitch league players may be added to prevent a team from having to forfeit.  If both teams have less than nine ( 9 ) players, the game will be replayed at a later date.  The time at which a forfeit will be called is 5 minutes after a first game is scheduled to begin and at the time a second game is scheduled to begin. 

2.       A complete game will consist of six ( 6 ) innings, unless tied.  A game will also be complete after one ( 1 ) hour and ten ( 10 ) minutes of playing time has expired regardless of the number of innings played.  An inning begun within the allotted time period will be allowed to finish.  If the defensive team in the bottom half of an inning records the third out prior to the expiration of the time limit, another inning will be played.  The umpire will determine when the game is over.  If tied, the first game will end subject to the above time limit and will be rescheduled beginning with the last full inning completed.  The second game, if tied, will continue until completed or until the umpire calls the game due to darkness and forces the game to be rescheduled.  The American Softball Association ( ASA ) tie breaker rule will be in effect if a game is complete by six ( 6 ) innings or by the time limit. 

3.       The home team occupies the third base dugout and will be responsible for placement of the bases.  The base paths will be fifty-five ( 55 ) feet.   

4.       It is the Board’s desire that good sportsmanship be emphasized.  No taunting of batters or harassment of pitchers is allowed.  Judgment calls by the umpires cannot be questioned.  Any discussion of rules should be between the Home Plate Umpire and the Head Coach/Manager only.  This discussion should be brief

5.       All players may play at the same time.  Defensively, in addition to the normal infield players, all other players may play in the outfield.  Offensively, all players will bat according to the established batting order at the beginning of the game.  Late players are added to the bottom of the batting order. 

6.       There will be no infield fly rule.  There will be no bunting or stealing.  A swing judged to be a bunt will be called a strike.  Base runners cannot leave the base until the batter hits the ball.  Sliding is permitted

7.       Base coaches may be coaches or players.  If they are players they must wear a protective helmet.  Base coaches must stay in the base coaches’ box and should not touch or aid a base runner. 

8.       Each team will start the game with a player pitching.  That pitcher or her substitutes will pitch until the batting team has batted completely through the batting order once.  Then the batting team's coach will pitch to his or her players.  A batter will be given a maximum of seven (7) pitches.  If they have not struck out or hit the ball within those seven pitches, they will be automatically called out.  It should be noted that all players on each team bat, whether they are in the starting lineup or not. 

The pitcher cannot walk more than two batters per inning.  After the second walk, when the pitcher gets four balls on the batter, the batting team's coach will come in and pitch a maximum of three (3) pitches.  Foul balls count as a pitch but two third strike foul balls are allowed.  After three (3) pitches, assuming no foul ball on the third strike, the batter is called out.

 9.       Any player may pitch.  All pitchers will pitch from 35 feet.  The pitching distance is measured from the front of the pitcher’s plate to the back of the home plate.  This is a fast pitch league.  A pitcher must begin her pitch with her pivot foot in contact with the pitcher’s plate.  The non-pivot foot may begin in contact with the pitcher’s plate, or the non-pivot foot may begin behind the pitcher’s plate with no contact on the pitcher’s plate.  Her first step must be toward home plate.  Windmill pitching will be allowed.  There is no arc requirement. 

10.   A player may pitch any number of innings per game or day.  A player having been removed as a pitcher may pitch again in the same game.

11.   If the pitcher or any defensive player is in possession of the ball and has at least one foot within the circle around the pitcher's plate, all base runners must either (1) proceed immediately to the next base or (2) return immediately to the previous base depending on whether they are more or less than half way to the next base in the judgment of the umpire..  Failure to do so will result in the base runner being declared out.  Coaches are not to touch the ball until after the play is stopped by the umpire

12.   All players present must bat in consecutive order.  All players must wear a batter’s helmet when they are batting, running bases, coaching bases, or preparing to bat (“on deck”).  No substitute runners are allowed unless a base runner is injured.  Substitute runner for an injured player shall be the player who made the last out

13.   A batter hit by a pitched ball is awarded first base provided, in the judgement of the umpire the batter has made good faith effort to avoid being hit by the ball and further provided the pitch is not in the strike zone. 

14.   No intentional walks will be allowed.  Coaches shall not instruct their pitchers to throw poor pitches to any batter.  The umpire may question the pitcher and/or the defensive coaches.  If the umpire decides this rule is being violated, he will restart the count. 

15.   Regardless of the number of outs, the batting team’s half of an inning will end when the batting team is five ( 5 ) runs ahead of the opposing team provided; however, that each team will be permitted to score at least five ( 5 ) runs each inning regardless of the score.  If the fifth ( 5th ) run is scored during the middle of a play the runs scored are those that were scored at the end of the play.  It is the responsibility of each team to inform the umpires when five ( 5 ) runs have been scored in an inning.  Should the teams fail to inform the umpires until six ( 6 ) or more runs have scored, the number of runs that have scored at the time the umpires are notified will be the official number of runs scored in that inning

16.   Each team’s Head Coach/Manager must exchange a team roster with the opposing team prior to the start of each game.  A team roster must be all players present for the current game, and it is to include each player’s name, jersey number, and correct batting order.  Each team must have a designated scorekeeper.  The home team is the official scorekeeper and keeps a detailed score for both teams.  It is the responsibility of the visiting team to compare scores periodically to ensure the scorekeepers are in agreement. 

17.   All players, when not on the field of play, must remain in the dugout, behind the fence, and not in the door opening.  Coaches are responsible for this safety strategy and umpires will enforce by stopping the game, if necessary.  The on deck batter must position themselves to the back side of the batter. 

18.     Green Hills Girls Softball League ( GHGSL ) is affiliated with the American Softball Association      ( ASA ) and will follow the ASA Official Rule Book unless previously noted.