Get Vertical Sports: Welcome

Registration is now open. Spring season runs March 18th -May 28th
Get Vertical Flag Football League Play will resume Fall 2018.   Registration will open March 1****

  Volunteer coaches encouraged to apply!  

 Get Vertical Sports Fall 2018 - Bartlett (Sunday Afternoon)

Overview of Program

• Dates – August 11th, 2018 thru Oct 21st, 2018

• Practice Dates - Practices will take place on Tuesdays for ages 9-11 and Thursdays for ages 6-8. Ages 12-14 will practice Saturdays and games on Sunday.

• Day of Week - Program typically takes place on Sundays between 2pm to 6pm.

• Who can play? – Boys and Girls ages 6-15

• Location – Bartlett W.J. Freeman Park. See below schedule for full details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the schedule for this league?

Below is schedule that has been confirmed for the upcoming seasons.

**Schedule subject to change due to unforseen circumstances**.

1. Saturday August 11th at 1pm – Get Vertical Sports Fundamentals Camp W.J. Freeman Park in Bartlett

2. Sunday Aug 19th, 2018 - Game #1 - W.J. Freeman Park

3. Sunday August 26th, 2018 - Game #2 - W.J. Freeman Park

4. Sunday September 2nd, 2018-Game #3 - W.J. Freeman Park

5. Sunday September 16th, 2018- Game #4 - W.J. Freeman Park

6. Sunday September, 23rd 2018 - Game #5 - W.J. Freeman Park

7. Sunday September 30th, 2018 - Game #6 - W.J. Freeman Park

8. Sunday October 7th, 2018 – Game #7 - W.J. Freeman Park

9. Championship weekend ***Saturday October 20th & Sunday October 21st, 2018 – Playoffs - W.J. Freeman Park

When does registration close?

• Online Registration is scheduled to close on August 10th. However we would recommend that you do not wait until the last day, as the last few seasons our programs have sold out prior to the registration end date.

What time is games and practice?

• The program typically takes place on Sundays between 2pm to 6pm. The commitment time is 2 hours per week with games and practice on the same day. Practice normally takes place 1 hour before your schedule game and also on Tuesdays for ages 9-11, Thursdays for ages 6-8 and ages 12-14 will practice Saturdays with games being held on Sundays.

* How are the kids divided into teams? The NFL Flag program is for boys and girls ages 6-15 during the 2018/2019 school year. Our program groups kids by grade to allow the kids to play with their friends they go to school with. Below is the process we look at when making the teams:

1. Group by Grade Level

2. Review Friend/Buddy Request

3. Review Coach Request

4. If there are no friend or coach request, we then try to put kids with on teams with other kids from their school Do you honor Friend or Buddy Request?

• Yes, we work very hard to ensure we honor all friend and buddy request. When you register it will ask you to list any friends they are signing up with so that we can get the kids put on the same team. If you learn after the fact that a friend is playing please email and ask us to update your registration. It is important that you register before August 10th as we cannot guarantee any friend and buddy request after time as teams start to get full. Please note that we do require 1 to 2 volunteer coaches per team. If your child has a large group of friends (6 to 9) it is important that one of the parents step forward to coach to ensure we can keep those kids together on the same team.

What NFL Team will my child be assigned? Can we choose?

• Get Vertical Sports is a proud member of the NFL Flag Program. For our flag leagues in 2018, every team will be assigned a different NFL Team to represent. This includes all age groups. Teams are randomly assigned. Want to request an NFL Team to represent? We do give our volunteer coaches the ability to request a team assignment based on their registration date. The earlier you sign up to coach the better chance you will get the team of your choice. We also do try to mix it up by rotating teams to different age groups to give all kids the ability to be a different team each season.

My child plays on a soccer or basketball team, can we keep the team together and bring them all over to play?

• Yes, we love it when teams come over together as a team! To register, please have each parent register their child. We would recommend that you register your team prior to Aug 11th for us to accommodate the team request. In the Coach request, please list the coach so that we can group them together. The coach can also send an email to letting us know of the kids that they want on their roster. When we have big teams come over, we do need a volunteer coach from that team to step up to coach the team to keep that team together.

When will I receive my schedule or team assignment?

• Schedule and team assignments are targeted to be released NLT August 15TH, 2018.

What is the average team size?

• Team sizes vary from 7 to 8 kids.

Do you provide paid coaches or volunteer coaches?

• All of our coaches are parent volunteer coaches and our program does not provide paid coaches. All of our coaches go thru a national background check and complete USA Football Certification. Above all the quality we look for in volunteer coaches are people who have a passion for working with kids and helping them have fun.

Get Vertical Sports does provide coaches with a number of resources and support. To volunteer to coach simply send your request to to start the process. Coaches will be required to attend a Coaches clinic 1 week before the start of the season. Get Vertical Sports does not guarantee your child will be provided with an experienced coach but does offer tools and resources to help new coaches provide kids with a great experience.

What equipment is provided by Get Vertical Sports, and what equipment do I need to buy as a parent?

Equipment Provided By NFL Flag Jerseys Get Vertical Sports – Included in your fee Flag Belt Get Vertical Sports – Coach "may" holds onto it each week but it is the Child’s to keep at the end of the season.

Parents-Cleats are recommended but sneakers are allowed. Mouth Guard and Water Bottle Parents.

Got questions? All other questions can be emailed to