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Georgia Youth Football Conference

est. 1961

The Georgia Youth Football Conference (GYFC) was formed in 1961 to provide youth football associations in Atlanta and the surrounding areas an opportunity to play football together and provide continuity in rules and regulations. The ultimate purpose of the GYFC is to provide a recreational football and cheerleading program, with a major emphasis upon fun and enjoyment for all youth interested in playing and developing the skills of football and cheerleading.

The GYFC is a non-profit, volunteer organization whose corporate body of member associations votes on all aspects and role of the GYFC. The GYFC Board of Directors is elected by the (current) membership. All member associations are also nonprofit, volunteer associations supported by donations from local businesses, fundraisers, and corporate sponsors.

The GYFC became one of the charter members of Pop Warner Football in Philadelphia, PA. We adopted their rules and regulations, and under the direction of the GYFC membership, we added additional rules to enhance our programs to be able to compete with each other fairly.

The GYFC promotes "safety first" play by conducting and promoting only programs with strict controls over age, weights, equipment, and the behavior of the participants, coaches and spectators. It is our goal to develop good sportsmanship, physical fitness and to teach the skills and techniques of the game of football and cheerleading.

The State of Georgia takes pride in its development of competitive football programs starting at the earliest levels and continuing through college. The GYFC is the development stage where children receive their first instruction in the game of football and cheerleading. Many children continue their desire to play football as they advance into their middle, high school, and college years. Many high schools have applauded the GYFC for the outstanding training their players received prior to joining their teams.

The GYFC is the only youth football conference, which promotes academic achievement. It has been one of our goals to promote academic awareness in all children and their parents by awarding each year for the past twenty years a $1,000.00 scholarship to deserving students. To apply the students must submit their report card and write an essay, which are graded by (certified) school teachers to ensure that they receive an unbiased grade. However, we know some players and cheerleaders will go onto college and play college ball; most children will enter college based upon their academic achievement(s). We play an important role in instilling the values of higher education in all of its members.

We take pride in the achievements of our conference and each member association who has worked diligently to promote personal integrity, teamwork, fair play, and respect for all regardless of race, color, or creed.

Georgia Youth Football Conference, Inc.

Introduction: Georgia Youth Football Conference (GYFC), established in 1961, is a non-profit organization established to promote the wholesome development of youth through their association with adult leaders in the sport of American football. GYFC was founded by a group of concerned parks, recreational associations, coaches and parents who have dedicated their lives to the youth of Georgia. This has been an inspiration to many youth associations in the metro Atlanta area, surrounding counties and communities for over fifth years.

Board of Directors: The GYFC board of directors consists of the Commissioner, Secretary, Treasurer, Deputy Commissioner Girl's Activities, and Deputy Commissioners. Each member association must have a league representative for each of the following: Division I and Cheerleading. We meet monthly on the second Monday of every month. All league representatives are required to attend.

Goals: The ultimate purpose of the GYFC is to promote balanced competition, the spirit of teamwork, good sportsmanship and fair play. In addition, we strive to provide recreational programs in football and cheerleading with a major emphasis on enjoyment and fun for the sport, teaching the fundamentals, provide training and procedures that can through their involvement build character, encourage healthy academic skims, and athletic challenges.

Participants: GYFC is committed to providing a safe atmosphere and an environment of trust, honesty, and loyalty; most of all, an environment that encourages spiritual, mental, and physical growth. The football and cheerleading participants range in age of five through thirteen. We always promote safety first by putting in force rules and regulations governing the ages, weights, equipment, and the conduct of its participants, coaches, and spectators.

Coaches: The football and cheerleading coaches receive the highest regard and respect of the GYFC. Their success is not measured by the scoreboard but by the development of each child on their team or squad. They have the ability to build self-confidence and teamwork through their words, actions, and teaching skills. All members of each coaching staff are required to attend yearly GYFC clinic as well as the national federation rules clinics offered by our current official organization.

Awards, Bowl Games, Events & Scholastic achievement(s)

GYFC is the forerunner in recognizing academic excellence. All children ages ten through thirteen are eligible for academic honors. Their minimum GPA must be 3.0 to apply. A completed essay from the topics provided would be 50% of their overall grade combined with their GPA. All children selected as straight All-Americans will then be eligible for the $1000.00 scholarship. The drawing takes place at the annual awards banquet. We urge each coach and parent to promote academic excellence. Many of our former players and cheerleaders have gone on to receive college scholarships.

Cheerleading Competition: The GYFC queen contest and cheerleading competition play a major role in the development of our girls. Each squad works extremely hard all season for the competition. They have learned teamwork, self-discipline, and determination. Each weight division competes for honors and the winners are announced the day of competition.

Post-season Games: Many of our associations have competed in post-season bowl games in the states of Florida, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. These associations have come, home winners, proving that GYFC is superior when it comes to teaching and playing football.

Awards: All football players and cheerleaders receive a GYFC participation tee shirt; the participants in the Bobby Dodd or Unity Bowl a trophy will be given to the winning head coach and runner up of the bowl games.

Commitment: It is our commitment to make a difference in just one child's life over the course of our football season; whether it is self-esteem or the love and understanding each child needs, we pledge to keep our doors open to always lend a helping hand to tomorrow's future!

Let’s make this a great season!!