Georgia Spartans: Welcome

                                                     2011 UMBL CHAMPIONS

                                               UNDEFEATED SEASON

The Georgia Spartans will provide opportunities for players to become role models and have a reputable face in the community also provide opportunities for schools, business and charities to raise funds and market their business.


    The mission of the Georgia Spartans is to allow local and non-local players the opportunity to display their skills through our basketball development program. This opportunity will give inspiring basketball players an opportunity to play at a more professionally competitive level with the UMBL (United Men Basketball League) as well as the possibility to advance their career to the NBA or International Basketball Leagues. The Georgia Spartans is looking to take a leadership role in the community to give men of all ages a positive outlook on life through the game of basketball. We strive in providing a positive avenue for young men to be a positive influence in a personal and the community aspect.




 The advantage is for top local players to bring the thrill and excitement of the game of basketball, the opportunity to shine within the local community, and the opportunity to play at the pro level. Our players will be given the opportunity to be mentor the youth on how to be a professional in life as well as the sport of basketball. The players will get a chance to be represented by a sports management company. The Georgia Spartans is looking forward to having a family fun venue that will allow people in the community to enjoy the game as well as creating a revenue venue to help the needs of local business, schools and charities to reach people whom would otherwise not be reached or given the opportunity.




 The objective is to create a local avenue for athletes to play, develop, and mentally mature to play the game of basketball and to be a positive role model. To provide a family fun venue where local business small, medium or large to sale and advertise their product. The Georgia Spartans will support the local schools by fundraising and mentoring to students. Provide a location where local charities can raise money for a great cause. The ultimate goal is to change lives.


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