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Benefits for College Coaches

RecruitMeNow offers you a FREE athlete database system.This system not only gives you access to search Recruit Me Now athletes, but also allows you to search any other databases powered by RecruitMeNow.

If you have not created your username and password, simply click on "Search Athletes" and follow the instructions for new coach registration. Once you register and create your username and password, and are verified as a college coach, you will receive a confirmation email back. With your username and password, you can login and view any athlete in any system powered by Recruit Me Now.

Once registered, you can perform searches for athletes using any combination of specific criteria such as sport, position or multiple positions, state or region, graduation year, height, weight, GPA, SAT/ACT, 40 yd dash, bench press, vertical, etc.

Recruit Me Now's unique college coach benefits:

Saved Searches

This feature allows you to select criteria for an athlete search. You can then apply a name to that search (for example, "Softball Pitchers" or "2010 Running backs"), and then save the search. Each time you return, you can perform the same criteria search by simply reselecting the named search. This allows you to save criteria to search manually, instead of using the automatic subscription service.

Bookmarked Athletes

This feature allows you to bookmark any athlete(s) you want to specifically follow.

Private Notes

This feature allows you to enter private recruiting notes as to any selected athlete. Your notes remain private and are available only to you. They are available to you each time you view the athlete's profile website.

Rembember: All of our college coach services are free

If you have any questions in registering, conducting searches, or with any other matter, please contact us ( ).

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