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Last updated
10-23-16 09:56 PM
Georgia Fastpitch Message Board
Anywhere, Georgia

Georgia Fastpitch Message Board
Welcome to the GMB

Welcome. This is the Georgia Fastpitch Message Board, aka the GMB.



HEY Fastpitch Fanatics!!

This Message Board has been created to give all fastpitch folk a place to communicate with each other. People have been using the Eteamz Announcement board to make many posts that others wish they could respond to. This forum will allow such interaction.

The Rules are simple
1) No profanity.
2) It is okay to disagree and criticize. Just do it without getting too personal.
3) Recruiting Board - We will not allow anyone to make derogatory comments to a recruiting add on the recruiting board.
If you have an issue with a team start a logical discussion on this board, within the rules of this board.
Anyone making such a reply on the recruiting/tryout board will be banned without an explanation from this point forward.

Why am I being asked to get approval? In 2004 we had an incident that involved vulgar language. The ONLY way we can control this is to have people "join". Everyone that asks to "join" will be approved, but by joining, we have the capability of banning a poster that can't play by the rules. You already have to be an eteamz member to view any Eteamz site anyway. This just gives us some control.

Attention Coaches!

Please check the team links and make sure your team is listed and listed correctly. All change requests must be made via the Change Request Form. If you have problems with the form then please contact SoftballLover with details of the problems you are having. Delete requests can simply be emailed to without using the request form but all other requests must come through the request form.

Link to GMB Add/Change/Delete Request Form

Friday, March 28
Elite Moody Gold Cup Finish

1 & 2(tie)          Schnute and Vipers Kates     9 pts each

3 &4(tie)          Carolina Elite and Palazzo     6 pts each 

5,6,7,8(tie)       Elite Hoover, Fire Dover, Loveless and Ga Power   3 pts each

Force Dingler, Elite Moody and Knockouts    1 pt each 

Georgia Fastpitch Message Board  
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