Georgetown Soccer Club: College Recruitment


The College recruitment process is becoming more and more "competitive".  We at Georgetown Soccer Club will help you in any way that we can to provide you with and edge both on and off the soccer field.  However, it is important that you, as a prospective student-athlete, do continue your pursuit of academic and athletic ecxellence!

The most important bit of advice GSC can give you- is that you must be proactive throughout this entire process.  If your desire is to play in College, there is a place for you, but you must make it happen!

Below are some links that will be helpful in the recruitment process.


The following information is provided to you by Sport Source:

Handout: College Planning Checklist for the High School Student


Handout: College Evaluation Table

NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete
Click here to go to the NCAA Publication.  its a summary of the rules and regulations in easy-to-read form. Gudelines relate to recruiting, eligibility, financial aid and college freshman eligibility requirements for Divisions I and II.

National Collegiate Athletic Association

Click on Headline above for site:

NCAA Eligibility Center
Click above and it will take you to the NCAA clearing house website. This site will provide you with information about initial-eligibility at NCAA Division 1 and II member colleges and universities.

8 Steps to Getting Recruited

Click above for Recruiting 101; It's every high school athlete's dream: that someday all those endless practices, scrimmages, and exhausting games might translate into a chance to play sports on the collegiate level. But with less than 10 percent of all high school athletes playing their given sport at an NCAA-member institution, and just a third of those receiving an athletic scholarship.

Create an Online Recruiting Video Profile
Click on the above Headline: This site will help you build your profile in less then a minute. College Athletics can be your ticket to a great education! Active recruiting has developed easy, cost-frendly online video profile tools to help get athletes in front of recruiters FAST. You can upload videos anytime. Whether you want to play Div I, II or III This will help you on your way. Join the hundreds of recruiters already online with Acitve Recruiting.