Genoa City Recreation: Welcome

In-person registration info is available on the Home Page and under "News". Those dates are Jan 10 and Jan 25 at Randall School, 4:30-8:00. Or Register Now online!
Genoa City Recreation

Since 1970, providing a great baseball opportunity for our community and surrounding communities.  Genoa City Recreation offers a variety of fine fields to host America's favorite past time! In Genoa City we use Prime Park, Krisik Park, and Darling Field at Veterans Park, and we also use the Randall Consolidated School fields in Twin Lakes, at Hwy O and Hwy F.  

Tuesday, February 7
GC 2017

Online registration is still available for the 2017 season! Fees are 15-33% lower than last year!

Mustangs (ages 9-10) and Broncos (age 11-12) $130 (+$25 participation fee).

Pintos (ages 7-8) are $95 (+$25 participation fee)

Instruction $45 (+$25 participation fee)

Registration also includes $60 worth of raffle tickets at no additional cost, it's built in.

We will continue to provide you the opportunity to reduce your costs thru selling the $10 raffle tickets. Again, those are the tickets you'll get as part of your registration at no additional cost. Sell the tickets and keep the money to reduce your costs even further. Ex., Bronco at $130+25=155, but if you sell the six tickets and pocket $30, you child plays for $125. Sell another book of tickets and pocket another $30 and play for $95. Sell as many as you want and continue to lower your fees!!

There is a small convenience fee added by the website for online transactions. GC Baseball is paying half of that fee for you, and you will see the half you are responsible for. 

For questions, please contact Kim at 262 279-5624

Tuesday, December 27

We make the announcement with some sadness tied in with excitement about the future of GC Baseball.  

Prime ...